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Never Wait with OceanProtect Backup Storage

Why Choose OceanProtect Backup Storage?

  • E2E Backup Acceleration Boosts System Performance

    OceanProtect offers leading archive performance through End to End (E2E) Input/Output (IO) performance optimization. Currently (as of October 2021) it offers the highest maximum backup bandwidth available, anywhere: 155 TB/h. Allied to maximum recovery bandwidth of 172TB/h, these figures are 3x and 5x times higher, respectively, than the industry's next best.
  • Instant Restore

    Working with mainstream backup software, instant restore with OceanProtect provides optimal Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). Dedicated backup storage, using all-flash media and a multi-controller working in active-active mode for load balancing, combines with intelligent pre-fetch technologies. The entire system, in fact, supports instant access to data in backup images, meaning rapid use of backup data is not a theory but a fact.
  • 20% Higher Reduction Ratio

    Limited budgets stretch further with OceanProtect's advanced data reduction capability. Innovative technologies combine to achieve improved data reduction ratios, helping you save even more space. Indeed, the data reduction ratio reaches up to 72:1 — that's 20% better than the industry's next best (as of October 2021).
  • Ensure Business Continuity

    Unlike some other players in the backup storage industry, Huawei recognizes all too well the importance of system continuity, both organization-wide and for dedicated, individual backup staff. The very first multi-controller architecture for backup storage, working in active-active mode, offers the key benefits of transparent controller failover and failback as well as load balancing.

OceanProtect Backup Storage: Recovery in a Flash

OceanProtect is the smart choice for backup storage, offering fast backup and recovery, highly efficient data reduction, and market-leading reliability. Why would you choose anything else?

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