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OceanStor DJ Intelligent Storage Management Platform

OceanStor DJ 인텔리전트 스토리지 관리 플랫폼은 스토리지 계획 및 구성부터 O&M 및 최적화에 이르는 데이터 라이프사이클을 통틀어 지능적인 관리 및 O&M을 자동화합니다.



Category Name Description
Device Management Block storage models Huawei enterprise block storage series
Storage device management scale Single-node deployment: ≤16 sets
N-node deployment: ≤ N x 16 sets (N value: odd number)
Hosts and operating systems SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server, AIX, HP-UX, Euler, vCenter Server, ESXi, and other mainstream systems
FC switch models Mainstream models of Huawei and Brocade
Resource Pooling Customized SLAs QoS policies, scheduling policies, and quota policies
Automatic Service Deployment Customized resource provisioning Resource provisioning by storage device: volume creation, expansion, mapping, and deletion
SLA resource provisioning Resource provisioning by SLA: volume creation, expansion, mapping, and deletion
Scheduled tasks that can be orchestrated Supports atomic operation orchestration and scheduled execution
Intelligent O&M Alarm monitoring Capacity and performance thresholds, compliance check, alarm masking, and aggregation
E2E fault location E2E performance analytics and topology
Intelligent prediction Capacity and fault prediction
Data flow Allows SLA changes
Deployment Specifications Operating system EulerOS 2.5 x64
CPU 8-core x 2 GHz CPU
Memory 32 GB
Disk space 500 GB
Management network bandwidth 100 Mbit/s
Management network latency 50 ms
Compatible Browsers Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer


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