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Intelligent School Campus: Integrating Digital Technologies into Education

Based on advanced technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, AI, and mobile Internet, Huawei’s Intelligent Campus Solution builds an integrated and intelligent teaching, management, and service platform. This platform empowers innovations in scientific research, improves teaching quality and efficiency, and develops talent.

School Campuses (Tertiary Education)

The gap between talent demand in the intelligent society and the existing industrial education system is growing ever wider. In this context, universities face multiple problems, including fragmented applications and ineffective data governance. To resolve such issues to improve teaching, management, and service resources, as well as scientific research, Huawei uses advanced ICT — such as AI, big data, video cloud, IoT, and GIS — to enable higher levels of scientific research and innovation, as well as support talent development.

School Campuses (Basic Education)

Basic education lays the foundation for developing any talent. As the skills needed in the workforce changing, crude whiteboard and production-line, factory-like education are increasingly being replaced by individualized pedagogical styles. Huawei uses digital technologies to transform traditional education into intelligent education — creating safe, efficient, innovative, and intelligent school campuses that can support effective learning, management, examinations, and many other services. Such a platform collects, aggregates, and analyzes data from multiple educational sources to share quality education resources across far wider areas and regions.

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  • Innovative Teaching and Research Methods

    Multimedia teaching, remote teaching, and mobile teaching.Knowledge sharing, teacher resource sharing, and teaching equipment and facilities sharing.

  • Teach Students according to their aptitude

    Create “growth files” for each student and analyze student profiles through big data, then push suitable courses and books.

  • Security protection

    Based on IoT build a fully-aware campus and implement AI-based proactive prevention. Promptly detect and prevent emergencies in the campus, and quickly handle.