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Atlas 900 AI Cluster

Representing the pinnacle of computing power, the Atlas 900 AI cluster consists of thousands of Ascend 910 AI processors. It integrates HCCS, PCIe 4.0, and 100G RoCE high-speed interfaces through the Huawei cluster communication library and job scheduling platform, fully unlocking the powerful performance of Ascend 910.

Atlas 900 delivers up to 256–1024 PFLOPS at FP16, equivalent to the computing power of 500,000 PCs. Test results show that Atlas 900 can complete model training based on ResNet-50 within 60 seconds, 15% faster than the next best product. This means faster AI model training with images and speech, more efficient astronomical and oil exploration, weather forecast, and faster Time To Market (TTM) for autonomous driving.

Application Scenarios

  • deep learning

    Deep learning training

  • astronomical exploration

    Astronomical exploration

  • oil exploration

    Oil exploration


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