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Atlas 500 AI Edge Station

Unlocking powerful performance, the Atlas 500 AI Edge Station is designed for real-time data processing at the edge. A single device can provide 16 TOPS of INT8 processing capability with ultra-low power consumption. The Atlas 500 AI integrates Wi-Fi and LTE wireless data interfaces to support flexible network access and data transmission schemes.

The Atlas 500 AI is also the industry’s first edge computing product to apply the Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC) technology, enabling it to work excellently even in harsh deployment environments. The device operates stably under extreme temperatures.

Application Scenarios

  • Smart City

    Through real-time analytics of pedestrians and vehicles at intersections, the Atlas 500 AI provides an optimized traffic light scheme to improve traffic efficiency.
  • Smart Retail

    Automatically identifies commodity types and quantities to enable unattended supermarkets and unmanned containers.
  • Smart Manufacturing

    Provides fine-grained installation control, product quality detection, and product package identification to improve productivity.


Parameters Model 
Model Atlas 500 AI
Memory 4 GB
AI Processor 1 built-in Atlas 200 AI accelerator module, providing 16 TOPS INT8 compute power
Supports 16-channel HD video decoding
Network 2 x 100M/1,000M auto-adaptive Ethernet ports
Wireless Module Either 3G/4G or Wi-Fi module; dual antennas
Display 1 HDMI port
Audio 1 input and 1 output (stereo), 3.5 mm audio connector
Power Supply 12V DC, external power adapter
Temperature –40°C to +70°C, subject to configuration

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