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Huawei IdeaHub: Curating New Collaboration Experiences. Do More with Less.

Meet Your Ideas, Intelligent Collaboration


Indonesia, 14 November 2020 – Huawei is launching the Huawei IdeaHub — an innovative productivity tool for the smart office that bundles High Definition (HD) HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting , intelligent writing and wireless sharing – to transform the traditional workspace into a high-tech, intelligent one. Integrating communication devices including a projector, whiteboard, microphone, speaker, tablet, PC, TV and video conferencing, Huawei IdeaHub incorporates these devices — unencumbered by complex cable connections — into a sleek digital collaboration solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the urgency to go digital, propelled by the sudden switch to remote working and learning. Businesses, organisations and individuals are hastening their adoption of digital solutions to thrive in the next normal.

Designed with smart collaboration in mind by the Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Center in Italy, the IdeaHub offers a fuss-free, future-ready yet simple solution, for easy adoption by enterprises in myriad scenarios. It has won the Red Dot Award 2020.

Daniel Zhou, President of Cloud & AI BG, Huawei APAC said, “Huawei IdeaHub unveils a new way of working in the next normal – forging an all-in-one collaborative space to empower more effective meetings, productive brainstorming sessions, teaching seminars and more.”

Future-ready video conferencing solutions
Huawei IdeaHub enables intelligent writing, wireless projection and wide-ranging support for application scenarios. It is tightly integrated with HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting — its intelligent, award-winning cloud conferencing system backed by Huawei’s 30-year technology prowess.

Technology highlights:

  • Effortless video-conferencing: Native 1080p high-definition (HD) video mode and 4k ultra-HD document sharing capabilities, backed by latest innovations in graphics computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and video codec engines, to deliver crisper, clearer and smoother meeting experiences.
  • Crystal clear audio performance: Array of 12 microphones employs beamforming technology and full-band precise sound technology to pick-up human voices over an 8-metre radius. Backed by AI-driven noise cancellation features and speaker-tracking capabilities, the wider frequency for transfers ensures crystal clear, Hi-Fi audio at every remote site.
  • Spotlight on every speaker:AutoFrame technology quickly and automatically tracks each speaker, placing them at the center of attraction. Automatically adjusts the camera angle based on the conference room’s layout and the number of participants to offer an optimal panoramic view at all times.

    Smarter Collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting: Seamlessly integrated out-of-the-box with HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting, the unique offering of award-winning Huawei IdeaHub and HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting incorporates the leading technologies above — effortless video-conferencing, crystal clear audio performances and Auto Frame – to deliver all-scenario, device-cloud synergy for smarter, more efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Write as if on paper: Whiteboard features ultra-low writing latency at 0.035s supporting stroke effects, effortlessly replicating the experience of putting pen to paper. Its 4k resolution with co-authoring capabilities allows two persons to write on it at the same time. Incorporates intelligent features like gestures, drag and selecting, zooming in and out, as well as erasing and clearing the whiteboard with just one click, for smarter and more efficient brainstorming for content development and more.

  • Seamless wireless projection: Supports 4k 60fps video playback, 1080p 60fps wireless dynamic video projection, and 4k ultra-HD wireless content sharing projection for industry-leading definition and smoothness. Four flexible, smart projection modes from wired, app, projector to Near Field Communication (NFC) for easy deployment in diverse environments.

Beyond Conference. Better Collaboration.
As the world transforms rapidly, with remote working and learning fast becoming the way of life, Huawei IdeaHub heralds a new frontier of possibilities as governments, education, healthcare, SMEs and individuals alike equip to get ready for the next n