Huawei India IP Club 2020

As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure, Huawei is committed to helping enterprise organizations to expand boundaries of their business and find new growth. To explore these opportunities and more, we cordially invite you to join the one the online event of Huawei India IP Club 2020

Huawei India IP Club 2020 is an exclusive online event which will bring together global & regional experts to share with you the latest wireless campus technology trends and discuss how enterprises can build fully wireless, secure workplaces and campus networks based on next generation Wi-Fi 6 technologies to meet future digitalization demands.

Digital transformation is sweeping across the world, and game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data are posing new challenges on networks. HUAWEI India IP Club is aimed at building an open, cooperative, and sharing platform. More than 100 VIP guests and network technology experts will participate this event — to engage in thought-provoking conversations about future network development trends, explore new opportunities, share perspectives on digital transformation, and chart the way forward.

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  • SteveKim

    Steve Kim

    President of Cloud & AI Business Group

    Huawei India

    Andre Kindness

    Andre Kindness

    Principal Analyst



    Kevin Hu

    President of Data Communication Product Line



    Doron Ezri

    Wi-Fi CTO of Data Communication Product Line



    Anson Hu

    Network Solutions Director, Enterprise Business Group

    Huawei India


Exhibition Webcast


HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 Exhibition Hall Best Bits, Save a Seat for HC2020 Virtual Tour

  • Virtual Tour 1

    09.23 14:00-14:45

  • Virtual Tour 2

    09.24 14:00-14:45

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Points of View

  • Guo Ping

    Rotating Chairman, Huawei

    Connectivity, computing, cloud, AI, and industry applications will present huge opportunities for the ICT sector. We look forward to leveraging synergy across these five tech domains to create new value with our partners.

  • Peng Zhongyang

    Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei

    Huawei will focus on clients' demands and dreams, realize the new paradigm by scenario-based innovation, and through the synergy across five tech domains to establish a digital ecosystem for mutual benefits with joint creation while creating new value for industries.

  • Zhang Ping’an

    President of Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group

    At Huawei, we see our developers, partners and global consumers as stars that brighten the future. We hope to work together with our stars to illuminate our paths ahead and create a new world that's more vibrant.

  • Ma Yue

    Executive Vice President, Huawei EBG President, Huawei EBG Global Partner Development and Sales.

    Transportation enables mobility in the physical world; communications drive data interaction in the digital world. Huawei is combining our 30+ years of technological accumulation and capabilities with transportation needs. We develop the smart comprehensive transportation solution with our partners to help improve safety, efficiency, and experience. This solution shifts the industry focus from transport capacity to computing power, implementing convenient travel and smooth logistics.

  • Wang Guoyu

    President of Global Transportation Business Unit of Enterprise BG, Huawei.

    Vertical industry digitalization = Σ Scenario digitalization Comprehensive transportation = Σ Vertical industry digitalization Huawei utilizes connectivity (5G), cloud, computing, AI, and synergy across five tech domains to digitalize both transportation infrastructures and service processes, and works with our partners to develop the smart comprehensive transportation solution.

  • Guan Hua

    Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Airport Baiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Digital transformation is empowered by a vision of digitalization. It is a long and arduous journey that relies on digital platforms. The construction of new comprehensive transportation hubs will be driven by the collaboration and convergence of platform data, technologies, and services, ultimately promoting continuous smart evolution.

  • Sheng Gang

    Chief Engineer of Jiaoke Transport Consultants Ltd.

    The roads of the future will support more efficient driving without traffic congestion or accidents. To build smart roadways, we can develop smart industry applications on the road network platform using road network sensing.

  • Chen Boshi

    Director of Vehicle Committee of China Railway Society.

    We will lay the foundation for railway transportation through the development of railway mobile equipment and the promotion and application of modern information technologies.

  • guoping
  • pengzhongyang
  • zhangpingan
  • mayue
  • wangguoyu
  • guanhua
  • shenggang
  • chenboshi
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2020 Keynotes and Summits

  • Day1

    Sep 23
  • Day2

    Sep 24
  • Day3

    Sep 25
  • Keynote


    Creating New Value with Synergy Across Five Tech Domains

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    Comprehensive Transportation Leads the Way to a Digital World

    video-icon Playback


    5G Inspiring New Value for Industries

    video-icon Playback


    TECH4ALL: Powering Digital Inclusion with Technology

    video-icon Playback


    HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 Exhibition Hall Best Bits Part I

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  • Keynote


    Building an Intelligent World Together with Ubiquitous Cloud and Intelligence

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    Building Industry Intelligent Twins with Intelligent Connectivity

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    Accelerating Industry Digital Transformation Through All-Scenario Intelligent Connectivity

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    Co-Building Innovative Data Infrastructure to Unleash New Data Value

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    HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 Exhibition Hall Best Bits Part II

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  • Keynote


    Exploring New Value with Global Developers

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