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Digital Transformation Journey Starts Early But Still Has a Faraway Destination

  • Transformation Maturity
    40 %

    More than 40% of organizations are still in the initial stage of digital transformation.

  • Transformation Objectives
    TOP 3

    CIOs and CXOs have proposed different top three digital transformation objectives. They need to align objectives, ideas, and actions.

  • Informatization Investment
    2.5 %

    The industry average ratio of informatization investment to total business investment is 0.8% and this figure is 2.5% for digital frontrunners. Digital transformation requires much more capital investment.

  • Technical Complexity
    10 +

    It takes three years to fully integrate new technologies with business. The technical complexity involved in digital transformation increases exponentially when there are more than 10 new technologies from third-party platforms.

Key to Digital Transformation? Read This Guide

In the rising digital wave, some enterprises have become leaders, some are flowing forward, but some are being crashed by the wave. As a practitioner of digital transformation, will you fulfill your expectations? You can download this IDC white paper to learn about the key to digital transformation, benefits of the digital platform, and best practices of industry pioneers. Together, we will explore the road to digital transformation.

Issues Tackled by the Horizon Digital Platform

  • The digital platform is compatible with original IT systems and supports smooth evolution.

  • The digital platform connects all enterprise applications and data, and coordinates new ICT (AI, video, the IoT, big data, and ICP) to generate new capabilities.

  • Digital platform operations help to solve customer issues and create new business value.

Unique Advantages of the Horizon Digital Platform

  • Data Convergence

    Integrates heterogeneous data from multiple sources to form unified data standards and build a unified data foundation.

    Provides data modeling, analysis, and value mining capabilities specific to industry scenarios to explore and share data value.

  • Business Collaboration

    Streamlines applications for enterprise connectivity and collaboration across business systems, regions, and clouds.

    Integrates, coordinates, and shares ICT capabilities through servitization and service orchestration.

  • Agile Innovation

    Constructs an efficient application development environment and a development service platform to support drag-and-drop graphical application development, achieving agile service development.

    Introduces innovative applications for common use, integrates and optimizes partners’ super applications, and then shares partners’ applications in the Marketing Place to form an innovative ecosystem.

  • Inclusive AI and Security

    The device-cloud synergy defends against attacks and AI helps to eliminate threats, ensuring reliability and security.

    Multi-cloud management, disaster recovery, and backup secure business continuity.

In-Depth Insights Into Horizon Digital Platform

Huawei Horizon Digital Platform Is Facilitating Digital Transformation in Different Industries

    Huawei Horizon Digital Platform Unlocks Unlimited Possibilities

    • 50 +

      Top-level designs provided by more than 50 strategic planning and consulting teams.

    • 1,000 +

      Over 1,000 solution partners with extensive industry experience.

    • 9

      9 integration verification centers.

    • 228

      228 Fortune Global 500 companies choose Huawei as their digital transformation partner.

    • US$1 billion

      US$1 billion Invested in developers and partners.