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Software-Defined Campus Network Solutions

Agile Network Solution overview

Huawei’s Software-Defined Campus Network Solution originates from the Agile Campus Network Solution, uses the Software-Defined Campus (SD-Campus) Architecture, and comprehensively introduces Software-Defined Networking (SDN) into campus networks. The Software-Defined Campus Network Solution is a part of Huawei’s Cloud Campus strategy and is applicable in a variety of scenarios, including office buildings, government and enterprise campuses, schools, and hospitals.

Compared to traditional campus network architecture, the SD-Campus Architecture provides the following benefits:

Template-based network design and automated service deployment reduce Operating Expenditure (OPEX)

  • Huawei’s template designs are backed by extensive experience in IT deployment, giving customers greater ease in designing services and networks
  • Wizard-based application orchestration reduces dependency on IT technical skills and lowers labor costs by 40 percent
  • Service-centric, automated deployment reduces OPEX by 86 percent

Network quality detection and visualized O&M provide quantitative data for decision-making

  • Visualized network and self-healing capability improves O&M efficiency

The intelligent O&M platform checks the health of network devices, displays real-time CPU usage, memory usage, and buffer status of devices, providing mitigation suggestions if anomalies occur. The platform also visualizes network problems (for example, loops), and analyzes and solves the problems automatically. This simplifies network maintenance and reduces OPEX by 65 percent.

  • Visualized applications and service quality

Service quality is monitored in real time. If network quality cannot meet application requirements, paths and policies are automatically adjusted to ensure an optimal service experience.

  • Visualized security

A Big Data-based security platform collects real-time traffic information. Traffic characteristics and user profiles are presented via Big Data analytics, which provides a panoramic view of campus network security.

Free mobility and on-demand resource migration ensure consistent user experience

  • User policy delivery and synchronization can be completed using natural language, improving policy deployment efficiency by 55 percent
  • Network-wide user policy synchronization shields the differences between the data center, campus, and branch networks to deliver a consistent service experience to users anytime, anywhere

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Fast Innovation

Service innovation speed increases more than four-fold

Excellent Experiences

Consistent experiences for wired and wireless users

Efficient O&M

Automated service deployment, visible network O&M

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Big Data-Based Visualized Campus Network Solution provides network services in a simple and efficient way