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Intelligent Surveillance

Safe Cities need protection systems that can sense threats to city safety in real time, record the entire incident, and generate alarms in a timely manner. These capabilities help deter criminals, assist first responders during an emergency, and provide clues for solving crimes after they are committed. 

The Intelligent Surveillance Warning Solution addresses these needs with the most comprehensive protection in the industry, eliminating blind spots in cities with full coverage from surveillance cameras. An intelligent analysis platform supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) automatically detects unsafe factors in video images and generates real-time warnings. 

The solution supports H.265 HD video surveillance with bandwidth requirements decreased by half. In addition, cloud-based storage and management of surveillance video enables cross-regional video sharing and retrieval. This approach sharply improves case-solving efficiency and helps assure public safety.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Cloud-based video surveillance simplifies video sharing and on-demand video usage. End-to-end support for high-resolution video ensures high-quality results across the entire video network. This cloud-based system uses intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment to make video surveillance visible, manageable, and controllable. Huawei’s solution reduces operation and maintenance costs and increases the camera online rate.

Video Analysis

The solution’s Video Content Management (VCM) system supports functions such as video synopsis, retrieval, and license plate recognition. Users can extract valuable information from mass video data automatically, and the platform can be integrated with other public safety systems for information sharing.

Incident Warning

Cameras with intelligent analysis capabilities can be deployed to provide immediate on-the-scene detection of events such as intrusions and loitering.

Security Linkage

The Intelligent Surveillance Warning Solution supports unified access of alarm information by integrating a variety of physical security systems, such as manual alerts, electronic fences, and information from external warning modules. The unified warning system manages and filters this data for efficient use. The solution can be combined with Huawei’s multimedia call-taking system to implement automatic alarm reporting.

Integrated Video Network

Provide a wired + wireless all-scenario access solution to solve video access in various complex scenarios. Realize the rapid deployment in a situation without networks and power. Solve the last mile video access.

AI-Based Security

The solution couples the ability to handle massive amounts of video from multiple sites with highly scalable AI functionality over a cloud data center network. The network provides automatic traffic tuning and network resource pooling to support flexible scaling that can easily meet future expansion requirements.

Unified Security

The solution’s authentication system performs traffic fingerprint filtering and protocol vulnerability protection to prevents camera counterfeiting, private connections, and hijacking. At a basic level, the system includes multiple levels of protection, such as video encryption, video watermarking, video digital signature, transmission channel encryption, and video storage encryption. The solution supports threat awareness on the entire network, coordinated network security response, and accurate location of threats.

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  • Automatic Alarm Reporting

    The solution offers real-time detection of public safety threats and automatic alarm reporting.

  • 360-Degree Protection

    Flexible wired and wireless access simplifies complete surveillance coverage in complex areas.

  • Quick Search of Leads

    Fast search dramatically reduces security workloads.