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Ultra-Broadband Intent-Driven DCI for the Cloud Era

The rise of High Definition (HD) video, Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR), e-sports, and online education is driving millions of enterprises to migrate their services to the cloud, in turn accelerating the digital transformation of industries.

Indeed, data — and, along with it, data mobility — has become the most valuable asset of an enterprise. To survive and thrive in the new digital landscape, enterprises therefore urgently need to achieve high-speed Data Center Interconnect (DCI), fast service migration to the cloud, simplified network configuration, and reduced bandwidth costs.

Huawei CloudWAN Intent-Driven DCI Solution addresses these challenges. The solution uses the industry's largest-capacity 14.4T boards and supports End to End (E2E) 400G bandwidth. Additional support for the SRv6 protocol enables automated and seamless cross-domain service provisioning, shortening Time to Market (TTM) from 30 days to just one. Meanwhile, bandwidth utilization is improved from 30% to over 50%.  

Coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-boosted intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M), the solution facilitates service innovation and the rapid, cloud-based transformation of enterprises, helping customers achieve business success.

Why Huawei CloudWAN?

  • Advanced Technologies
    World-Class R&D

    With more than 20 years of experience in the router field, Huawei has developed its own chips and operating systems, leading the industry with intelligent IP networks.

  • Extensive Commercial Maturity
    Leading SRv6

    Huawei has helped formulate 75% of standards documents for SRv6, driving the commercialization and evolution of this next-generation IP protocol.

  • Smart Power Savings
    Recognized Internationally

    NetEngine 8000 won the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Global Service Router New Product Innovation Leadership Award, as well as the Best of Show Gold Award at Interop Tokyo 2019.

Industry-leading router products

  • NetEngine 8000 Series

  • NetEngine 40E Series

  • NetEngine 5000E Series

NetEngine 8000 Family

Next-generation, full-service, intelligent routers designed to serve as enterprise WAN core nodes, large enterprise network access nodes, DCI nodes, and campus or large-scale IDC network egress.


Full-service routers designed to serve as core nodes on enterprise WANs, access nodes on large enterprise networks, interconnection and aggregation nodes on campus networks, and edge nodes on large IDC networks.

Cluster routers with high capacity, reliability, and intelligence, designed to serve as international gateways and core nodes on IP backbone and metro networks.

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