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    Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) Solution

    Providing secure and reliable basic networks for railways, enriching industry applications, and facilitating their digital transformation.


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Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) Solution

The traditional train-to-ground wireless communications solution (GSM-R) is reaching the end of its lifecycle and cannot ensure stable and reliable connections. Narrowband technology has small bandwidth and supports only voice and limited data services, which is insufficient for the development of intelligent and digital railways. As the successor of GSM-R, FRMCS fulfills the digital requirements of the industry and will continuously evolve based on the unified 3GPP specifications. Huawei's FRMCS solution is uniquely designed in terms of wide coverage, high reliability, and smooth evolution, which will facilitate the digitalization of railways.


90 service continuity

Future evolution

The same software and hardware platform supports both 4G and 5G and future-oriented smooth evolution, which can protect your investment

icon secure reliable

High security and reliability

Board-, device-, and network-level redundancy design for 99.999% reliability, meeting the security and reliability requirements of railway services

Long-Distance Coverage

Wide coverage

MIMO technology and high-power terminal design boost network coverage by 60%. Existing site infrastructure is fully used, reducing the CAPEX

Ultra-High Bandwidth

High bandwidth

LTE broadband technology is introduced to support up to 100 Mbps data transmission, enriching railway applications, such as intelligent management, intrusion detection, precise positioning, and status monitoring.



Multimedia scheduling services including convergent voice, data, video, and positioning services can be provided to customers. High reliability can support ETCS 2/3, while the broadband capability enables intelligent O&M, improving system management and O&M efficiency.


Solutions that comply with the 3GPP standard spectrum (FDD E900M/1900M) are provided to customers. The multi-layer redundancy design delivers 99.999% reliability, providing the required level of security for railways. On top of this, the hardware platform can smoothly evolve from 4G to 5G, protecting your investment.


Huawei cooperates with partners to provide handheld and vehicle-mounted terminals for customers. The vehicle-mounted terminals support 31 dBm high power, improving network coverage.