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    Smart Urban Rail All-Optical Network

    The Agile, Efficient and Reliable Platform to Accelerate Smart Urban Rail Evolution.


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Improve Operating Efficiency and the Passenger Experience

Smart urban rail based on innovative applications such as cloud, big data and the internet of things (IoT) has become the industry trend, greatly improving the efficiency of transportation and improving the travel experience of the public. In addition, smart urban rail brings the following challenges to communication network: very strict requirements on security and reliability of monitoring services of the dispatching system and power supply system, high requirements on the transmission bandwidth due to the surge of advertisement videos and the HD video services, insufficient management mode of the optical fibers laid along the track, etc.

To cope with services development of the industry, Huawei provides the intelligent urban rail all-optical network solution, which is based on the MS-OTN (multi-service optical transport network) platform and features the converged access of PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy), OTN and Ethernet services, and the physical isolation between services based on TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) and WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technologies to build a future-oriented network with high security, large bandwidth and intelligent O&M.

Gain the Edge

Continuous Security

High security

• Converged bearing of production services, surveillance videos, advert videos and office services in hard pipes. Physically isolation between services, zero congestion and zero crosstalk.
• TDM and L1 AES256 encryption ensure secure transmission of services.

0158 medical WIFI

High Bandwidth

• 10G/100G/200G per wavelength, 80/96/120 wavelengths per fiber, 800Gbps to 24Tbps per fiber, on-demand allocation and flexible expansion.
• Universal cross-connection of multi planes and One-hop connection to guarantee the deterministic low latency and dedicated bandwidth to ensure zero jitter for the CBTC services.

Intelligent O&M

• The dedicated latency map enables E2E (End to End) manageable, controllable and visualized latency.
• FD (Fiber Doctor) and OD (Optical Doctor) based proactive O&M, ensuring network performance.


To meet the requirements of cloudification, intelligentization of urban rail services, Huawei provides the intelligent urban rail all optical network solution to build a future-oriented transmission network featuring high reliability, large bandwidth and intelligent O&M. This solution consists of the three-layer network architecture: backbone network, line transmission network, and station access network, as shown in the following figure.

Smart Urban Rail All-Optical Network Architecture