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    Integrated Optical Bearer Solution for Data Centers

    Building Ultra-Broadband, Simplified, and Intelligent DCI for Customers


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DCI Is Key Infrastructure for Digital Transformation of Industries

The rapid development of big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet leads to an explosion in traffic volume and quantity of global data centers. According to a survey, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of data center interconnect (DCI) traffic reaches 45%, and the number of global data centers will increase more than four-fold. The continuous and rapid growth of traffic increases operation costs. Huawei's integrated optical bearer solution for data centers builds high-speed, reliable, and intelligent interconnection networks to help enterprises achieve digital transformation.

Gain the Edge

Ultra-Broadband Interconnection


Single-wavelength 100G–800G
Single-fiber 96T (Super C+L band), 25% higher than the industry average

icon 1


All-optical switching, "0" internal fiber connection
5-in-1 optical-layer boards, occupying 80% less space

Smart Brain


Visualized O&M of optical fibers and the optical layer
Subhealth prediction, co-cable detection, and automatic wavelength expansion, improving O&M efficiency by 30%


Huawei's integrated optical bearer solution for data centers supports:
• A single-wavelength rate of 100 Gbit/s to 800 Gbit/s, Super C+L band spectrum, and the industry's largest single-fiber capacity of 96 Tbit/s.
• All-optical switching, "0" internal fiber connection, and 5-in-1 optical-layer boards, occupying 80% less space.
• Subhealth prediction, co-cable detection, and automatic wavelength expansion, improving O&M efficiency.
The solution also provides ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent networks for integrated bearer of data centers.




technology 1

Highest performance: 96T/fiber
technology 2

Deployment within eight minutes

Real-World Success


Accelerate DCI: Serverius Upgrades with the Huawei DC OptiX Solution

A strategic partner of Serverius, Huawei provided its DC OptiX Solution — based on Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 — meeting the company's DCI network upgrade requirements and bringing greater value to the company overall. The DC OptiX Solution is compatible with the company's legacy DCM network, providing a single-wavelength 200G to 800G DCI large-bandwidth solution.


Buerodata Builds a High-Speed DCI Network with Huawei DC OptiX

German IT services provider Buerodata provides tailor-made IT solutions, based on the DCI network powered by the DC OptiX solution with Huawei OptiXtrans DC908.



Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 Product Brochure

Building a Stable and Reliable Data Highway

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