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  • 智能防勒索安全解决方案

    Huawei Multilayer Ransomware Protection Solution


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Huawei Multilayer Ransomware Protection Solution

Ransomware has become a major cyber threat worldwide, causing huge losses to government, finance, healthcare, and other industries. Ransomware is highly concealed and camouflaged. To guard against this kind of malware, Huawei Multilayer Ransomware Protection Solution provides "network + storage" collaboration and exclusive AI-based clustering algorithm to accurately identify ransomware and protect customers' data assets.

Hard to detect viruses

A variety of complex variants Annual growth rate: ≈ 46%

Fast virus spreading

Endpoint infection speed: 100M/min File encryption speed: 25,000/min

Slow to recover services

Average service interruption duration: 16 days A hospital in xx country took nearly one month to recover services


Threat Detection

Precise threat detection

• Exclusive slow brute-force cracking defense technology
• Memory source tracing graph algorithm, unknown threat detection rate > 99%


Fast threat handling

• Endpoint-network-storage collaboration, threat detection moving forward
• Endpoint-storage collaborative backup within seconds, 0 data loss

Superior Performance

Always-on services

• Unique kernel-level automatic backup, one-click recovery of encrypted files


ransomware protection security architecture en


HiSecEngine USG6600F

HiSecEngine USG6600F Series AI Firewalls

AI firewalls designed for next generation data centers, providing IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack capabilities that greatly improve service performance and adopting intelligent technologies to effectively defend against advanced threats.


FireHunter6000 Series Sandbox

Huawei FireHunter6000 series sandbox anti-APT solution provides unknown threat prevention and zero-day attack detection with 99.5% detection accuracy.


SecoManager Security Controller

Security service orchestration, unified policy management, and high-performance log management for data centers, campus networks, and branch networks. SecoManager collaborates with network devices, security devices, and a big data-based intelligent analytics system — HiSec Insight — to establish a network-wide security defense system that is capable of detecting, analyzing, and handling threats.

HiSec Insight

HiSec Insight Advanced Threat Analytics System

Defends against APT attacks by using big data analytics and machine learning, with the ability to detect resource reconnaissance, external penetration, command and control, internal transmission, and data forwarding.

hisec endpoint overview pc en

HiSec Endpoint

Asset visualization, achieving real-time awareness of asset status within seconds; threat visualization and intelligent alarm noise reduction, delivering > 95% threat detection accuracy; attack visualization and precise source tracing, implementing automatic threat handling within seconds; one-click recovery of ransomware encrypted files, ensuring zero data loss.