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    Unified DR

    Second-level switchover and flexible site selection,
    ensuring service continuity


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Unified DR

Industries such as finance, government, and electric have high requirements on service reliability. Generally, data centers must support DR capabilities. The typical requirements for DR capabilities are as follows:
1. High fault tolerance for network jitter must be supported between DR data centers to ensure data replication and service experience.
2. Low-latency network connections are required between DR data centers, and data centers need to be flexibly selected in a wider area.
3. There are various types of data centers, including physical machines, cloud-based data centers, and homogeneous and heterogeneous data centers. Therefore, unified management of DR capabilities is required.
Huawei provides a portfolio solution of DR services, databases, networks, storage, and computing products to help customers build unified DR management and ensure service continuity.


153 management platform

Flexibility of Site Selection

Supports 100 km active-active, site selection more flexible.

Threat Detection

Stability of DCI connection

Storage and Optical Connection Coordination (SOCC), optical link jitter storage Automatic switchover within seconds, ensuring service stability and unawareness

Effectiveness of DR Management

Unified DR management, supporting heterogeneous DR;
Real business perspective, visualized and rehearsable


architecture en1

Flexible for Site Location

1) 2X site selection distance,from 50km to 100km
2) E2E Latency Tuning Based on NVMe SSD Storage & NoF+ Switch

Ultra-stable Connection

1) 60X I/O path switchover speed,from 120 seconds to 2 seconds
2) Intelligent network jitter Detection & automatic Storage I/O path switchover

Highly-Efficient DR Mgmt

1) RTO from 120 mins to 20mins
2) Intelligent DR mgmt Platform(iDRP) supports visualized view, customized drill plan and report, heterogeneous DR mgmt