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During the digital transformation of an enterprise, the network and IT teams serve as both supporting departments and strategic partners of business units. Together, they create innovative, stable services that roll out in a timely manner and provide a positive user experience, helping the enterprise to gain and sustain their competitive advantages. In line with this trend, enterprise network and IT Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services begin to transform from the product-level to the network-level. Meanwhile, automatic, intelligent, and predictive assurance and support services dramatically reduce O&M costs and faults, thereby mitigating their impact on services and effectively assisting business operation. Huawei, as a comprehensive solutions provider, boasts professional service teams, mature O&M processes, and powerful platforms and tools, and provides end-to-end and one-stop customer support services and improvement services. This ensures secure, stable, and reliable enterprise networks and service continuity, effectively enhancing enterprises’ business value.


  • Efficiency

  • Agility and lower costs

  • Operational excellence


Customer Support Service

Facing technological evolution, business model changes, and increasing competition, enterprises have higher requirements on fast emergency response, accurate fault locating, emergency recovery, and on-site handling. Therefore, a trusted partner is needed to provide network assurance services. Leveraging our global service support platforms that are remote, centralized, standard, and intelligent, plus advanced IT tools and powerful Issue to Resolution (ITR) processes, Huawei’s service support teams offer prompt response to and efficient handling of various service requests. Our tailor-made customer support service solutions (including maintenance, software Subscription and Support [SnS], and proactive prevention services) meet customers’ requirements in all phases of the network lifecycle.
Huawei has established one-stop multilingual Global Service Centers (GSCs) in China, Romania, and Mexico, which serve 170 countries across the globe. The centers provide technical support, network O&M, remote delivery, and marketing and channel support services in 16 languages such as Chinese, English, French, and Spanish. Huawei has also established spare parts centers in 129 countries worldwide, providing 24/7/4 spare parts services in major cities. Working with our partners, Huawei is dedicated to offering enterprises excellent ICT services and experiences.

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Improvement Service (Smart NOS)

Stable and efficient networks have become integral to fast enterprise growth. As a result, enterprises urgently need preventive O&M. Smart NOS is a proactive subscription-based O&M support service centered on network architecture. The service is delivered by experts in their fields (such as wireless, IP, transmission, and IT) using Service Turbo, an advanced, intelligent tool platform, and best practices from the finance, government, and Internet sectors and other industries.
By comprehensively evaluating, supporting, and managing networks, proactively detecting and eliminating network risks, and continuously improving network quality, the service transforms from device-oriented to network-oriented, from passive response to proactive prevention, and from being one-time and static to multi-time and dynamic. Smart NOS service offers include network evaluation, network support, O&M management, fault management, and special optimizations.
Service Turbo is a cloud-based smart tool platform that enables one-click network data collection and one-click export of network evaluation reports. The evaluation covers six dimensions: Network architecture, installed base, O&M, security, capacity, and reliability, preventing 80% of risks.

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Remote Network Management Service

To meet customers’ requirements on remote network device management, network problem handling, and O&M assistance provided by device manufacturers, Huawei’s engineers deliver 24/7/5 or 24/7/10 remote network management services with uninterrupted, proactive, preventive, and automatic O&M. The services monitor the running status of network devices in real time and assist customers in handling routine O&M tasks, significantly saving customers’ time and effort.
Monitoring management: Remotely monitor the running status of IP and IT systems in real time, classify monitored resources to facilitate management, and promptly detect abnormal changes in KPIs.
Fault management: Remotely assist customers in handling network faults. Remote O&M platforms enable quick fault detection and automatic allocation of work orders. Then, the remote expert team diagnoses and quickly rectifies the faults.
Asset management: Manage network-wide asset information, establish asset baselines, and record asset change information to ensure the accuracy of assets.
Report management: Comprehensively interpret data in terms of performance capacity, fault alarms, risk prevention, and information changes to provide specific and overall O&M reports from multiple perspectives.

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