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Operating a campus network is costly and a heavy burden for higher education institutions. Therefore, an operational campus network for higher education is an urgent requirement. A campus network for higher education must support operation features such as user policy management and billing to ensure long-term sustainable development. Huawei's authentication and billing solution for higher education is customized jointly by Huawei and mainstream authentication and billing system vendors. This solution enables higher education institutions to operate their campus network sustainably and manage online users in a refined manner.

Srun, headquartered in Hangzhou, China, is one of the world's leading authentication and billing system vendors, with the largest number of high-end enterprise users. Currently, more than 2500 enterprises around the world use Srun's user authentication, management, and billing solutions. Srun is committed to developing innovative user management, authentication, and billing products, while providing professional services and global support. It helps customers maintain the stable running of systems while maximizing the value of products.

Huawei Campus Network Switch and Srun AAA Authentication and Accounting Server Interoperability Test Report