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Asset stocktaking is an essential task of enterprises. Traditional manual stocktaking is inefficient and labor-consuming. The asset management solution jointly released by Huawei and partners converges Wi-Fi and RFID networks. In this solution, RFID tags are bound with assets, so that they can uniquely identify the assets. The asset management server graphically displays the asset location result, implements efficient automatic asset stocktaking, and traces and locates assets in real time.

Sense Technology

Sense Technology specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, production, and sales of RFID products, and provides customers with integrated RFID solutions. Products of Sense Technology are widely sold in 32 countries and regions such as Greater China, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. The asset management solution jointly launched by Huawei and Sense Technology can be used to locate, monitor, and schedule important assets of enterprises, ensuring the security of important assets and greatly improving the asset transfer and utilization efficiency.