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CloudIVS 9000

Designed for midsized and large cities, Huawei CloudIVS 9000 provides large-capacity, high-concurrency video access, storage, forwarding, analysis, and search capabilities.

As the intelligent center of the entire network, the cloud-based video management platform gathers video from up to 500,000 cameras in a single domain, supporting concurrent calculation of 100,000 channels over the entire network. Searching results are returned within seconds. Algorithm plug-ins are integrated within two weeks.

Smart and flexible, Huawei CloudIVS 9000 acts as a central intelligence and command center, aggregating and sharing video resources with the related departments, promoting region-wide collaboration.



Category Specifications
Ultra-large capacity Device access Manages up to 500,000 cameras and connects to up to 1024 domains across eight levels.
User access Supports up to 5000 users (2000 login sessions), and concurrent operations from 500 users in a single domain.
Intelligence and convenience Intelligent analysis Supports Huawei Software-Defined Cameras (SDCs).
Provides multiple intelligent analysis functions that detect events such as intrusion, tripwire crossing, loitering, abandoned objects, and removed objects.
Provides alarm linkage function.
Video quality diagnosis Provides nine built-in video diagnosis functions that obviate the need for a dedicated diagnosis server.
Openness and compatibility Standard protocol Complies with industry standards such as ONVIF, GB/T 28181, SIP, and RTP/RTSP.
Supports Peripheral Units (Pus) from mainstream vendors.
Platform connection Provides SDK/OCX secondary development packages to interconnect to third-party platforms.
Security and reliability Cluster network Deploys media service nodes in a cluster. This allows other nodes to take over services if one node fails, ensuring the normal operation of video and image services.
Recording backup Supports backup of recordings to ensure availability of key videos and images.
Buffered recording

Supports buffered recording to ensure data integrity if an SDC is disconnected or network connectivity is lost

Automatic service recovery Supports automatic recovery of services including layout, live video, video recording, and camera sequencing. This ensures service availability if a client or PU goes offline.
Operating system Runs an embedded Linux operating system to ensure 24/7 stable running, and protection against hackers and viruses.
Category Specifications
Multi-level and multi-domain management Multi-level management Supports up to 256 domains. A single domain supports 100,000-channel concurrent video analysis.
Alert blacklist Supports inter-domain blacklist-based alert deployment.
Supports user-defined alert time and camera scope.
Supports up to 300,000 blacklisted faces in the local domain.
Supports up to 50,000 blacklisted vehicles.
Algorithm repository Intelligent algorithm Supports a unified hardware resource pool (CPU/GPU) for multiple algorithms (face, person, vehicle, and behavior analysis).
Supports on-demand algorithm loading, and elastic scaling.
Fast search Intelligent search Searches data among hundreds of billions of facial, personal, or vehicle features within seconds.

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