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USG6300 Series Cloud Management Firewalls

The Huawei Cloud Management Network Solution, supported by Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, consists of the cloud management platform and a full range of cloud-based network devices. The solution highlights include: Cloud-based network management, plug-and-play network devices, service configuration automation, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) automation and visualization, and Big Data analytics. This solution can significantly reduce the high management costs of traditional networks.

The cloud management platform is operated by a Huawei public cloud or constructed and operated by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and carriers. Tenants can enjoy the services provided by the cloud management platform by purchasing the firewall hardware and cloud management licenses. The operator of the cloud management platform is responsible for network construction and maintenance, which greatly reduces both manpower and investment costs. Huawei’s USG6300 series is a component of the Huawei Cloud Management Solution. This series supports traditional firewall management and cloud management, and provides cloud management-based secure Internet access services for small enterprises, enterprise branches, and chain organizations.

Device plug-and-play, Internet-level management, and dual-stack management mode

  • After the USG6300 of a tenant is started, authentication and registration is initiated to the cloud management platform: Totally plug-and-play
  • The O&M personnel use the mobile App client to understand the network operating status at any time and from any place
  • The USG6300 series firewall supports both traditional and cloud management modes, shortening network reconstruction


Model USG6305/USG6310S USG6320 USG6330/USG6350/
Fixed Interfaces USG6305: 4 GE
USG6310S: 8 GE
8 GE 4 GE + 2 Combo 8 GE + 4 SFP
USB 2.0 Port Supported Supported Supported Supported
4G LTE The USB port houses a 4G LTE data card The USB port houses a 4G LTE data card The USB port houses a 4G LTE data card
Expansion I/O - - WSIC: 2 x 10 GE (SFP+) + 8 x GE (RJ45), 8 x GE (RJ45), 8 x GE (SFP), and 4 x GE (RJ45) BYPASS
Local Storage -
- Optional: Supports a 300 GB or 600 GB hard disk
Power Supplies External power adapter, 24W
Single 150W AC power supply;
optional 170W AC power supply

Single 170W AC power supply;
optional dual AC power supplies