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    FusionDirector Intelligent Management Software


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Purpose-designed to manage servers throughout their entire lifecycles, Huawei's FusionDirector software provides five key, intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) functions, covering regular maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, energy consumption, and deployment.

With comprehensive coverage visualized on an interface in real-time, O&M is improved by 30%, offering a vastly superior user experience for customers.

Smart Brain


Providing an Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology (IT) Operations (AIOps) platform with five intelligent O&M functions for servers.

Simple Operation


Visualized in 3D, O&M has now become routine and standardized for more than 100 enterprises around the world.

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Distributed Architecture

Featuring elastic scaling, capable of managing up to 5000 servers on a quad-core, 8 GB Virtual Machine (VM).


Basic Management Huawei Server Model Mainstream models
Non-Huawei Server Model Mainstream models
Alarm Monitoring 24/7 remote alarm monitoring and automatic trouble ticket creation.
Visualization Displays information about abnormal devices, space, temperature, power consumption, and age of data centers and racks in 3D data models.
Device Management Scale A single set of FusionDirector software can manage 12,000 racks or 200 E9000 chassis
A maximum of 256 sets of FusionDirector software can be cascaded to manage approximately 3 million devices (256 x 12,000 racks).
Networking Constraints Supports IPv4 and IPv6 networking
Resolution Recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080/1680 x 1050
Browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge
Intelligent O&M Intelligent Maintenance The diagnosis accuracy reaches up to 93%. The AI memory fault self-healing technology implements integrated diagnosis and recovery, covering 85.44% of breakdown scenarios and reducing the breakdown rate by 50%. The AI drive fault prediction technology predicts risks 7–30 days in advance.
Intelligent Upgrade FusionDirector supports the upgrade plan for batch upgrade with only a few clicks, improving O&M quality, reducing O&M costs, and boosting upgrade efficiency by 20 times.
Intelligent Energy Saving DEMT 2.0 improves the energy efficiency ratio by 18% for a single server. The total annual OPEX reduced per 10,000 servers is equivalent to the value of 400 servers.
Intelligent Discovery Automatically counts server assets with 100% accuracy. Counting reports are generated within seconds. Real-time trace tracking is visualized, improving space utilization. Compared with manual counting, it saves approximately US$100,000 a year for every 1000 cabinets.
Intelligent Deployment Supports mainstream OS deployment, achieving 10 times better rollout efficiency from hardware planning to upper-layer software deployment. A maximum of 100 servers can be automatically configured and added to the management system, with OSs deployed every day.
Capability Openness Capability Openness Provides RESTful northbound APIs, including basic management and intelligent O&M interfaces, greatly simplifying integration with third-party systems and shortening the service rollout time.