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    Latest Huawei Enterprise Business News and Announcements,
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7 2024.05

OceanClub Makes Its Global Debut, Fostering Data Storage Innovation and Collaboration

[Berlin, Germany, May 7, 2024] At the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2024, the data storage technology community OceanClub marked its official debut. The platform aims to promote industry applications and technological innovation in data storage, and foster technical exchanges and collaboration among peers. Huawei's Global Sales President of Data Storage Marketing and Solutions, Michael Qiu, along with a group of esteemed European partners, jointly launched the OceanClub.

30 2024.04

Huawei Releases the fgOTN Technical White Paper to Enable the Next-Generation Industry Optical Communication Network

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 30, 2024] During Global Optical Summit(GOS) APAC 2024, Huawei released the fgOTN Technical White Paper (referred to as White Paper). The White Paper provides a detailed description on the fine grain OTN (fgOTN) standard series, key technologies, and application scenarios, proposes the industry target network architecture based on the fgOTN standards, and describes the prospect of future optical communication applications in a range of industries.

30 2024.04

Huawei Unveils New Offerings for Commercial and Distribution Markets to Drive Intelligent Growth of SMEs

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 30, 2024] Huawei Asia Pacific Partners Conference was held during the Digital and Intelligent APAC Congress with the theme “Joining Hands for a Shared Era”. About 1000 partners from 15 countries and regions across the Asia Pacific gathered in Bangkok. At the conference, Huawei released multiple products and scenario-based solutions for the commercial market and distribution business in Asia Pacific, and held forums and roundtables to discuss how to jointly enable digital and intelligent transformation within industries. Huawei also presented awards to recognize excellent partners.

30 2024.04

Huawei Initiates OptiX Club Membership Program, Promoting Digital Intelligence in Asia Pacific

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 30, 2024] At Huawei Global Optical Summit (GOS) — Asia Pacific, Huawei initiated the OptiX Club membership program, providing a new platform for global partners in the optical industry to broaden their horizons and exchange ideas. Industry customers and partners from Asia Pacific attended the launch ceremony, where near 200 OptiX Club members were recruited. With this event as a starting point, the membership program will gradually expand its presence worldwide. By building industry technical circles and holding a range of events, Huawei aims to promote industry data intelligence in Asia Pacific.

30 2024.04

Huawei Launches a Series of F5G-A Products and Solutions to Enable Industrial Intelligence in Asia Pacific

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 30, 2024] Today, Huawei's first Global Optical Summit (GOS) was held in Bangkok, with the theme "F5G-A, the Foundation for Industrial Intelligence". More than 300 customers and partners from countries including Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia attended the event. At the summit, Huawei launched a series of F5G-A(F5G Advanced) products and solutions for Asia Pacific region, and initiated OptiX Club member recruitment event worldwide, enabling industrial intelligence in Asia Pacific.

29 2024.04

Huawei Digital and Intelligent APAC Congress: Jointly Exploring Transformation Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 29, 2024] The Huawei Digital and Intelligent APAC Congress, jointly held by Huawei and the ASEAN Foundation, took place in Bangkok. More than 2,000 government officials, scholars, partners, and analysts from 15 Asia-Pacific countries and regions attended. Together, they discussed the deployment of leading digital and intelligent infrastructure, looking for ways to build a digital, intelligent Asia-Pacific.

29 2024.04

Huawei Introduces AI Technologies and Launches Xinghe Intelligent Network to Build a Network Foundation for the Intelligent Era

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 29, 2024] The first stop of Huawei Network Summit 2024 was held in Bangkok, Thailand, attracting more than 1000 customers and partners from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries. At this event, Huawei unveiled its Xinghe Intelligent Network products and solutions that span all scenarios, such as campus networks, wide area networks (WANs), data center networks (DCNs), and network security. These purpose-built offerings empower customers to seize new opportunities for intelligent development and maximize digital-intelligent productivity.

29 2024.04

Huawei Unveils Four ISP/MSP Solutions for 10 Gbps All-Optical Connections

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 29, 2024] At the Global ISP Summit - APAC, Huawei unveiled their ISP/MSP products, portfolios, and solutions for the Asia Pacific market. They partnered with government agencies, industry associations, customers, and analysts to explore industrial intelligence in terms of policies, trends, opportunities, network planning, and practices. The goal is to help ISPs transition to MSPs and to drive the growth of the digital economy in the Asia Pacific region.

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