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Huawei Powered Service Facilitates Enterprise Digital Transformation

Oct 16, 2018

[Shanghai, China, October 11, 2018] During HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei Enterprise Service released the Huawei Powered Service, a new way for Service Partners to transform from channel-based to capability-enabled, while helping enterprise customers achieve digital transformation.

Huawei Enterprise's Ye Zhonghua, Liu Jianbo, and Hua Shuang standing behind a desk at the launch of Huawei Powered Service

Liu Jianbo (left), Director of Enterprise Business Delivery Management Dept., Huawei Enterprise BG; Ye Zhonghua (middle), Director of Enterprise Business Professional Service Dept., Huawei Enterprise BG; Hua Shuang (right), Director of Service Partners Business Dept., Huawei Enterprise BG


Huawei Powered Service, released during the conference, offer the following features:

  • Huawei Powered Service are the implementation of a customer-focused service strategy for Huawei Enterprise Services and its partners.

By remaining customer-centric, Huawei is dedicated to cultivating sustainable ecosystems and achieving mutual benefits by collaboration with ecosystem participants. Huawei Enterprise Services continues to build an open, cooperative, and win-win service ecosystem based on the business strategy of cooperating with partners to serve customers. As one of Huawei’s six types of ecosystem partners, Service Partners have made significant advances in the past six years. By August 2018, Huawei has more than 3,000+ Enterprise Service Partners and certified more than 30,000 engineers from partner companies. Huawei’s Enterprise Service ecosystem has begun to take shape. Moreover, Huawei attaches great importance to the interaction with partners and continuously optimizes cooperation policies and IT platforms by conducting annual satisfaction surveys. At present, Huawei has established a comprehensive service ecosystem architecture. On this basis, Huawei Enterprise Services actively seek cooperation opportunities with partners in the services field to generate more than simply pooling their efforts together. In this way, enterprise customers can benefit from a rich variety of service solutions.

  • Huawei Powered Service are service products based on the service lifecycle requirements of enterprise customers. This leverages Huawei’s technical platform advantages, service partners’ industry applications, and offline service advantages to help enterprise customers achieve business success.

Huawei divides the customer service lifecycle into three phases: Plan, Build, and Run. Based on different service requirements and practices of customers in these three phases, Huawei Enterprise Services provide “Hi-Care” services for customers and Huawei Powered Service for Service Partners. That is, if customers have high requirements on services, they can choose Hi-Care services. If customers require cost-effective services, they can choose collaboration services jointly provided by Huawei and partners. Huawei provides customers with collaboration services by combining Huawei Powered Service geared to partners with value-added services provided by Huawei Service Partners. The Huawei ServiceTurbo Cloud platform, utilized by Huawei Powered Service, is a service integration and intelligent tools platform based on cloud technologies. Huawei has applied technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data governance, and remote management in recent years to this platform. In this way, the services are simplified, transparent, and intelligent. This platform, together with Service Partners’ fast track and customized offline services, allows for rapid response to problems encountered by enterprise customers during the planning, construction, implementation, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of their ICT infrastructure platform.

  • Huawei Powered Service are service products developed by Huawei for partners. These help partners quickly transform their services and monetize partners’ service capabilities.

The launch of Huawei Powered Service will continuously enrich Huawei’s cooperation with its Service Partners, enabling monetization in a timely manner based on Huawei’s brand and technical support. Additionally, Service Partners can maintain stronger relationships with customers, as well as understand customers’ business and technical requirements, which lays a solid foundation for the future expansion of business opportunities. The following services were released: collaborative WLAN planning and design services, engineering installation technical support services, and collaborative management service. These services function as the “cores” provided by Huawei for Service Partners. Service Partners can continuously improve their service products and gradually establish their own service systems, providing customers with integrated services such as production, sales, and service, to improve their comprehensive capabilities and market competitiveness.

Hua Shuang, Director of the Service Partner Business Dept., Huawei Enterprise Services, delivering a speech at CeBIT 2018

Speech by Hua Shuang, Director of the Service Partner Business Dept. of Huawei Enterprise Services

Li Tengfei, Chairman and General Manager of Qingdao Zhuosiyue, delivering a speech at the launch of Huawei Powered Service

Speech by Li Tengfei, Chairman and General Manager of Qingdao Zhuosiyue Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Huawei Powered Service released at HC2018 include the following:

  • Collaborative WLAN Planning and Design Service

Application scenarios: The wireless network environments differ immensely from each other, and the deployment process is very complicated. Customers need to analyze their differences based on varying scenarios and select the most suitable products. In office environments, users are densely distributed and mobile roaming frequently occurs. Voice and video conference services have high requirements on network bandwidth and latency. The wireless network coverage is vulnerable to weak signal quality and low performance, affecting working efficiency. In hotels with dense rooms, wireless network coverage is prone to be poor due to low signal quality and performance. Therefore, only devices that provide high reliability and are designed and implemented based on customer requirements in different scenarios can ensure long-term reliability of wireless networks.

Benefits: This service improves WLAN installation layout, shortens the WLAN project implementation period, and improves the WLAN user experience.

Partner capability requirements: Huawei Certified Service Partner (CSP) four star or higher.

  • Huawei Powered Engineering Implementation Service

Application scenarios: During project delivery, Huawei provides remote technical support to help Service Partners resolve engineering and installation problems.

Benefits: The service quickly assists Service Partners in solving technical problems encountered during service implementation and evaluates partners’ technical solutions to shorten the project delivery period and improve customer satisfaction.

Partner capability requirements: Huawei CSP three star or higher.

  • Cooperation Management Service

Application scenarios: Enterprise IT O&M departments may face an unreliable IT environment with several days of downtime each year. Employees in the IT Department are busy handling emergency issues. In addition, enterprise IT management is still relying on personnel rather than platforms and processes. The high-level IT Service Management (ITSM) changes passive service mode to active service mode. The key solution is to automate and intelligently integrate with ITSM tools to predict potential problems and proactively handle problems. During device maintenance, Huawei provides remote technical support and platforms to help Service Partners monitor the operational status of customers’ devices and networks, quickly detect and solve problems, and provide system optimization suggestions (such as single point of failure risks and system redundancy settings).

Benefits: The service detects and rectifies system faults in a timely manner and shortens or even eliminates system downtime. Through routine O&M, it learns about the customer’s network status and continuously generates product sales. In addition, remote O&M reduces the onsite service cost of partners and improves customer satisfaction.

Partner capability requirements: Huawei CSP three star or higher.

Huawei is committed to working with customers in the long term and takes a future-oriented approach to drive enterprise digital transformation through the power of the platform. So far, 211 of the Fortune Global 500 companies (including 48 Fortune Global 100 companies) have selected Huawei as their digital transformation partner.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 – "Activate Intelligence" – is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center and Expo Center from October 10 to 12, 2018.

This year's HUAWEI CONNECT conference is designed to help all businesses and organizations step over the threshold and stake their claim in the intelligent world. You will be joined by the best minds in the industry – including global ICT leaders, industry experts, and ecosystem partners – to chart the way forward and explore new opportunities.