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Huawei FusionServer Sets Two New World Records for SPEC Testing

Nov 06, 2014

[Shenzhen, China, November 6, 2014] Huawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced that its FusionServer X6800 server was ranked top in the SPECPower_ssj2008 energy efficiency benchmark test with a score of 8,951 overall ssj_ops/watt[1]. Meanwhile, its mission-critical application server RH5885H V3 set new records for SPECvirt_sc2013, the ICT industry’s most important virtualization benchmark performance test, with a score of 2086@121[2].

X6800 Server Broke Energy Efficiency Benchmark Record

The FusionServer X6800, running Intel® Xeon® E5-2699 v3 processors, delivered an 18% improvement in energy efficiency thanks to Huawei’s proprietary Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT). For the test, the FusionServer X6800 was configured with three XH628 V3 nodes, 80PLUS Power Supply Units (PSUs), and Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) energy saving technologies. The 8,951 SPECPower_ssj2008 energy score is independent proof for the operational efficiency designed into the entire Huawei FusionServer family.

Widely used across the industry, the results of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) SPECPower_ssj2008 energy efficiency benchmark are directly adopted by international certification organizations including Energy Star and ATIS and are used for measuring the energy efficiency of rack servers. 

According to Mr. Qiu Long, General Manager of Server Business, Huawei IT Product Line, “Huawei has long pursued the highest product performance measurements in the world through our R&D programs for continuous innovation. The record-breaking result of FusionServer X6800 in SPECPower_ssj2008 testing is only the latest demonstration of Huawei’s deep expertise in the server business.”

Energy expenditure is an integral part of Total Cost of Operation (TCO), and has long been a key factor in the design of large-scale IT infrastructures for enterprises and data centers. In part, because of our commitment to delivering breakthrough performance in energy efficiency, Huawei continues to be successful with customers in the telecommunication and Internet operator markets.

RH5885H V3 Server Set Virtualization Benchmark Performance Record

As the industry’s most stringent standard for measuring virtualization performance, results from the SPECvirt_sc2013 test is a key technical consideration for enterprises when selecting IT systems. The benchmark measures the performance of all system components including hardware, application software, the virtualization platform, and the guest operating system. During the test, Huawei’s mission critical application RH5885H V3 server demonstrated excellent virtualization performance and outperformed all industry competitors. The server recorded top results by operating 121 virtual machines with the standard Intel E7-4890 v2 CPU and 1 TB memory.

“Huawei is dedicated to delivering high levels of product performance and functionality through continuous innovation,” said Mr. Qiu Long, General Manager of Huawei’s Server Department. “Achieving this record-breaking result for the SPECvirt_sc2013 benchmark test with our RH5885H V3 server reinforces Huawei's expertise in server technologies.”

Aside from the SPECvirt_sc2013 test, the Huawei RH5885H V3 has set new global records for the integer computing performance test (SPECint*_rate_base2006) and floating-point computing performance test (SPECfp*_rate_base2006). The server, with its 53 reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features, has delivered performance similar to that of mid-range computers. Compared with the previous Huawei RH5885 V2, the Huawei RH5885H V3’s computing performance and memory capacity has been enhanced by 100% and 200%, respectively. It provides up to 16 peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) extension slots for flexible service expansion, and is stable, reliable, powerful, and easy to use.

Server virtualization is the core cloud computing technology and can be applied across multiple industries. Huawei has been deploying its server virtualization offerings across various sectors including the government, public utilities, telecom, energy, finance, transportation, healthcare, education, broadcast and television, media and entertainment, and manufacturing sectors.

Full test results are available at: