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Huawei Launches Enterprise Software Development Kit at its First Developer Forum

Sep 20, 2014

[Shanghai, China, September 17, 2014] Huawei today held its first Developer Forum themed "Develop for Infinite Opportunities" in Shanghai, China. As part of the annual Huawei Cloud Congress, the Forum gathered more than 500 chief technology officers (CTOs), representatives from software developers, academics, and other experts to share insights on the trends and best practices on software development and the implementation of industry-specific ICT applications. During the event, Huawei also introduced its enterprise Software Development Kit (eSDK) platform and support systems for partners. The eSDK platform allows software developers to leverage Huawei’s advanced information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities to develop differentiated, competitive, and industry-specific applications.

The event featured a series of keynote presentations and in-depth discussions by industry experts from the software developer community:

Mr. Hong Mei, an expert from China’s software space and academic of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a presentation titled "Cloud Computing: New Demands and Challenges". He shared insights on the current and upcoming trends related to cloud computing and explained how the implementation of innovative ICT in traditional industries has made a positive impact.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners shared insights and best practices on software development for new business opportunities. iSoftStone shared its experience in working with Huawei to develop a virtualized all-in-one solution for smart city development; Sinobest Information Technology Ltd discussed the topic of big data and cloud technology-based solutions for the public security sector; Sobey shared insights on ICT’s role in enhancing competitiveness and addressing challenges in the media industry; and Shanghai DS discussed how emergency command solutions improve public safety. As part of these discussions, the experts also explained how Huawei’s open ICT solutions have enabled existing solutions to become more intelligent, efficient and diversified.

Photo caption: Mr. Hong Mei, an academic of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared with the audience his presentation titled "Cloud Computing: News Demands and Challenges”.

During his keynote speech, Mr. Patrick Zhang, President of Marketing and Solutions, P&S, Huawei, said, “Huawei is committed to open and win-win collaborations with industry partners. Through initiatives such as the launch of the eSDK platform, we will continue to dedicate our efforts towards joint innovation initiatives. Together, we will develop differentiated and competitive solutions tailored to the needs of specific industries and add value to the respective ecosystems.”

Photo caption: Mr. Patrick Zhang, President of Marketing and Solutions, P&S, Huawei, delivered a keynote speech at the Developer Forum in Shanghai.

In addition, Huawei worked with partners to showcase a wide range of cloud computing and big data, agile network, and collaborative office solutions at a dedicated exhibition area for the software developer community. Solutions including the e-Government Cloud, Omni-channel Banking and Safe City solutions were demonstrated. Event participants also had the opportunity to meet with Huawei experts to learn about R&D and software testing through Huawei's internet-enabled remote laboratory.

Developing to Empower Innovation

With the availability of cloud computing, mobility, big data and other technologies, future-oriented solutions will consist of complex IT infrastructures that add value by easily integrating and supporting enterprises’ business models. Software developers need to combine their understanding of specific industries and expertise in applying flexible and intelligent IT architecture to add value.

As an IT architecture provider, Huawei offers a range of ICT products and solutions including network switches, wireless 4G, data center networks, servers, storage, virtualization, video conferencing, unified communications, convergent conferencing, video surveillance, contact centers, bring your own device (BYOD) technologies, and software-defined networking (SDN). Through the eSDK platform, software developers can easily apply these technologies to develop applications.

To further support software developers, Huawei has established a dedicated eSDK team to share its product development capabilities and build effective management mechanisms, interface specifications, open models, external display models, and possible future business models.

Photo caption:The developer zone in HCC 2014

Innovating for Infinite Opportunities

Huawei collaborates with government agencies, scientific research organizations and standard organizations to develop products and vertical industry solutions. In addition to establishing eLTE and Fusionsphere industry alliances, Huawei provides end-to-end process lifecycles to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and works with them to develop joint business plans based on customer needs and market opportunities.

At the Forum, Huawei presented awards to leading ISV partners to recognize their contribution and achievements. Microsoft, SAP, iSoftStone, Sinobest Information Technology Ltd, JinPeng and other ISVs who have worked with Huawei on joint innovation programs were presented with the Best Innovation Award 2014; Shanghai DS, Hangzhou CS&S AnRen Network & Com, Sobey and other long-term partners of Huawei were presented with the Best Partnership Award 2014; while Advanced Digital Technology, YuCheng Tech, StarNet-ICT and other ISVs who collaborated with Huawei on successful large-scale commercial projects were presented with the Best Achievement Award 2014.

Huawei is committed to developing state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and providing innovative ICT products and solutions for vertical industries through open and collaborative partnerships. To date, Huawei has joined forces with 1,100 partners including Microsoft, SAP, iSoftStone, ChinaSoft International, and Sobey to create sustainable value.