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Huawei unites with SNIA and SNIA China for a massive storage innovation forum

Jun 18, 2014

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Cooperative and Innovative Massive Storage for a Win-Win Future

Chengdu, China, June 6, 2014 – Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, partnered with SNIA and SNIA China to hold the "Massive Storage Innovation — featuring IP-driven technologies." During the panel Huawei, along with leading manufacturers, industry customers and academic institutions such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, ARM, Marvell, QLogic, SanDisk, AliBaba, IBM, Symantec, Phoenix TV, China Telecom, China Mobile, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, came together to discuss and explore trends in IP-based massive storage and changes brought about by the new technology.

Based on IDC statistics, by 2020 global data volumes are expected to reach 44 ZB (zetabytes), and enterprise data volumes have already broken through traditional storage barriers. The entire storage industry chain has watched closely the new developments and technologies brought about by the big data era. The purpose of this forum was to gather upstream and downstream storage industry resources to discuss new massive storage technology in order to provide greater value to customers.

Huawei unites with SNIA and SNIA China for a massive storage innovation forum

Currently the storage industry widely acknowledges distributed architecture, IP interconnection and horizontal expansion as key technologies of massive data. "Share Nothing" distributed architecture combined with commonly used IP interconnection is able to effectively solve the problems associated with large-capacity horizontal expansion. In keeping with Moore's law, big data devices have developed by leaps and bounds, while traditional SAS and SATA connection methods for computing and storage can no longer satisfy elasticity requirements. Architecture based on full IP interconnection is able to unify data center networks and bring about decoupling of computing and storage resources, providing ultimate scaling capability. This has caused massive storage systems to become easier to expand, simpler to manage and maintain, and has drastically lowered equipment purchase costs. IP-based massive data storage is poised to become an increasingly competitive technological trend that can satisfy customer requirements and the prospective market.

The forum brought a highly influential group of experts to share in this great undertaking. Phoenix TV storage system architect David Sun said, "We look forward to the brand-new integrated IP-based OceanStor UDS massive data system providing us with a reliable, efficient storage platform to use in archiving of media data and becoming the most valuable storage device in the media asset industry."

Senior Manager at the China Academy of Telecommunications Research Gong Jing said, "Along with the explosive growth of unstructured data IP-based massive data storage has inevitably become a trend in the technologies development, and as a new technology, IP disks are a part of this development that really shine. I hope that every part of the industry chain works together to bring IP disks and the entire system to produce industrialized, standardized IP disks and systems, and bring real, solid value to the customer." Huawei massive storage architect Luo Qing said, "Massive storage is oriented toward big data, cloud storage applications, distribution, lower costs, and easy management as its core principles. IP-based massive, storage through the adoption of highly cost-effective Ethernet, provides flexible, efficient interfaces, supports all-IP networking, simplifies distributed software design, and is a competitive new technology in the massive storage field."

According to reports, representatives from all parties reached unanimous consensus on the establishment of a technology work group in order to further promote the standardization of innovative massive storage technology. In addition, a second forum to be held in the United States was also planned. Huawei has consistently adhered to the vision of "cooperation and openness to win the future", and hopes that with its many partners can build a massive storage industry chain to better serve customers and realize "Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile."