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Huawei Wins Bid to Construct Next-Generation E-Government Network for Ceará Government in Brazil

Aug 27, 2013

Shenzhen, China, September 29, 2010 – Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently announced that it won the bid to construct the next generation e-government network for Ceará government in Brazil with its S9300 core LAN switches and S5300 convergence LAN switches.

Ceará is located in the northeast of Brazil. Fortaleza, state capital of Ceará, is a major economic city and port in the north of Brazil, and is famous for tourism. To meet the e-government requirements, the IT construction department of Ceará government ETICE started to collect information about IT construction requirements of governments of 15 cities/counties and the ministries and commissions in mid 2009. Based on the information, Ceará government uniformly plans and deploys the next generation e-government network.

In the unified network planning, ETICE faces many challenges, such as numerous devices, complex network hierarchy, and difficult network O&M. Huawei provides the e-government solution including LAN switches that feature large capacity, high reliability and density, and eco-friendliness. The solution meets the network construction requirements of Ceará government, and therefore highly satisfies leaders of the government.

Li Weishi, president of the enterprise network product line under Huawei datacom department, commends: "The e-government solution aims to seamlessly integrate governments, the people, and enterprises and promote the informationization of the whole society." Therefore, an integrated e-government platform needs to support information exchange securely, reliably and with a high performance. The professional e-government solution of Huawei supports major services to ensure successful and efficient operations of the e-government systems."

By June 30, 2010, Huawei had shipped nearly 4 million sets of S-series LAN switches and nearly 1 million routers. These products are widely used in the sectors of government, telecommunications, finance, transport, electricity, education, and petroleum.