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Huawei Launches New 1080P60 Full HD PTZ Camera VPC620(vcinsight)

Nov 19, 2013

September 11, 2013 | vcinsight

With the rapid advancement of IP communication technology and further optimization of carrier network, videoconferencing system is moving towards High definition video and high fidelity audio. Driven by customer demand, Huawei launches the new full HD PTZ camera VPC620, which is able to deliver more enjoyable videoconferencing experience.

Best-in-class Video Quality

Huawei HD camera VPC620 adopts the industry-leading video processing technology and most advanced CMOS image sensor of 2 megapixels, able to offer video with best-in-class sharpness and resolution. VPC620 supports 1080P60 as well as 1080i and 720P, which makes it an ideal option for HD videoconferencing in various applications.

Huawei VPC620, uses video motion enhancement technology based on human eyes model and 2D+3D comprehensive noise reduction algorithm, supports automatic white balance (AWB), automatic exposure (AE), and automatic focus (AF) functions. It is also adjustable according to ambient luminance, reduces image noise and over exposure and enhances shade. In addition, it restores the image color, which makes images more layered and detailed and ensures realistic and full HD video quality. Compared with the counterparts from other vendors, Huawei VPC620 is at an advantage in terms of close-up of people in front rows, low luminance, noise, image transparency and color contrast, which is highly approved by customers of various industries.

Huawei VPC620 also stands out in large conference room applications, since it is equipped with auto-focus lens with high performance and stability, which supports 12× zooming operations. VPC620 is particularly good at distant shot and crisp and clear video is still available for ultra distant shot.

Flexible and Simplified

Another highlight of Huawei VPC620 is supporting 3G-SDI interface, only one single coaxial cable running to achieve long distance transmission of full HD video at 1080P60. Therefore, VPC620 is capable of avoiding video quality reduction and reducing running cost. Besides, this has greatly increased deployment flexibility of videoconferencing.

In terms of operation, Huawei VPC620 follows Huawei first-gen. camera patent button setting functions. Working with OLED display, the image format can be set in real time. Compared with the traditional dial set mode, all settings will be validated immediately with no other tools or need to restart the camera. It is completely compatible with Huawei endpoint remote control and also controlled by infrared remote control, easy to use.

As the core device of cutting-edge videoconferencing, VPC620 is able to work with Huawei series of HD endpoints to improve group collaboration through HD and stable platform and make your enterprise more informationized.