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Huawei defines future of networks(

Nov 13, 2013

China-based equipment manufacturer uses GITEX to unveil new Agile Switch S12700

By Staff Writer

Published  October 21, 2013

Huawei yesterday used GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK to unveil its new Agile Switch S12700, a networking product that is designed specifically to deliver the increasingly popular technology of software-defined networking (SDN). SDN allows networks to be more easily built and programmed so that organisations can deploy and manage infrastructures with greater agility and security.

With the advent of technologies such as SDN, cloud computing, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and big data,  new requirements for higher density, performance flexibility and larger-scale Internet connectivity have emerged.

Liu: Agile Switch facilitates SDN.

Huawei is now focusing on a new generation of switching technologies that are smarter and more agile in an attempt to accommodate all network needs for all levels of business.

“How we define a network is fast changing thanks to the technological innovations that are embracing the new challenges the world of businesses is experiencing today,” says Liu Shao Wei, President, IP solutions, Huawei Enterprise. “CIOs are always asking how they can better manage their IT networks. The launch of Huawei’s Agile Switch S12700 brings a host of business benefits, allowing decisions not only to be made automatically and quickly, but also freeing up network resources so that decision makers are able to focus on their core business.”

The unveiling of Huawei’s Agile S12700 switch series in the Middle East comes at a time where the industry is witnessing the convergence of data centres, wireless and wide area network(WAN) technologies.

Huawei’s overall strategy for its networking business aims to create an open, simplified network architecture for businesses so that the switching technology responds to fast-changing business requirements. Huawei’s new switch series uses a fully programmable switching architecture, which the company says allows even faster and broader network customisation. The S12700 supports end-to-end security collaboration.