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Extreme HD and Immersive Experience

Oct 18, 2013

—— Improving Communication Efficiency with Huawei Telepresence

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Daegu, South Korea, October 18, 2013 - Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, showcased its high-definition videoconferencing offerings TE30 and TE60 as well as VP9600-series multi-point control unit (MCU) with 1080p60 universal transcoding capabilities, at the 22nd World Energy Congress (WEC) in Daegu, South Korea. Huawei offers mature intelligent technologies and products to improve the usability of videoconferencing systems while significantly reducing bandwidth requirements of HD video conferences.

To support production and sales services, large energy enterprises have branches and offices geographically distributed around the world, resulting in ever increasing collaborative office requirements.

To meet customer requirements, Huawei has launched TE series videoconferencing endpoints (TE30 and TE60) that feature the industry's unique wireless network access capabilities. The TE60 uses an all-in-one design to integrate the microphone and camera along with the necessary codec and software, which substantially reduces cable connections and allows users to deploy the system within 5 minutes. Additionally, the TE60 offers the voice dialing function, allowing you to efficiently add conferencing sites using just your voice. This means no remote control operations necessary, just say the name of a site to add to the conference and the system automatically places a call to the site.

Mr. Arellano, a regional manager from Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX), also visited Huawei's booth. As the largest enterprise in Latin America, PEMEX boasts over 200,000 employees across the globe. Its original telephone conferencing systems used diverse devices from different vendors, resulting in poor interoperability, complex maintenance, and low conferencing and office efficiency.

To resolve these issues, PEMEX purchased more than 250 telepresence offerings from Huawei in 2011. The offerings seamlessly interoperated with legacy MCUs and videoconferencing endpoints, dramatically ensuring the return on investment (ROI) for the customer.

Thanks to superb performance as well as professional sound and light environment design, Huawei telepresence offerings brought a full-HD communication experience to PEMEX, facilitating daily communications and collaboration among its branches and offices and greatly improving work efficiency. Mr. Arellano expressed his deep wish to carry out extensive cooperation and exchanges with Huawei.

So far, Huawei ranks third in the global videoconferencing market and second in the telepresence sector. By the end of 2012, Huawei had shipped more than 150,000 videoconferencing offerings (including over 5100 telepresence offerings) in over 60 countries and regions.