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Huawei Introduces its Next-Generation Firewall, The Most Precise Application Protection for Enterprises

Sep 06, 2013

Shanghai, China, Sept 3, 2013: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced the newest addition to its extensive network security portfolio, the new USG6000 Series Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), which offers industry-leading features including the ability to identify and analyze over 6000 applications including encryption, mobile or web applications. The new USG6000 NGFW series implements Huawei's latest data driven regular expression syntax technology which reduces the time required to support the latest and emerging applications. The new USG6000 also enhances policy management and optimization via a smart policy tool , helping to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by 30%.

Photo Caption : Mr. Wing-Kin Leung, CTO of Solution Sales Department of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, gave a keynote session entitled "Network Security in IT Consumerization Era" and introduced Huawei Next Generation Firewall USG6000 series to public

"The trend towards IT consumerization brings creativity in mobile working, social networking, and cloud computing, but also brings security challenges," said Wing-Kin Leung, CTO of Huawei Enterprise Business Group. "To address these challenges, Huawei is launching the USG6000 NGFW, which is based on an improved version of Gartner's original NGFW definition. With improved application identification and simplified configuration management, USG6000 NGFW will continue to leverage Huawei's strength in product research and development, security, hardware, software, and chipset development to prevent threats and ensure high performance. USG6000 NGFW will not only change the future of ICT, it will revolutionize the future of network security."

"Designed with excellent high-end product architecture tailored for enterprises and carriers, Huawei's USG6000 NGFW, is currently providing the China Agricultural University with the highest network security and firewall reliability," said Junjun Zhu, Director, Operations Center, China Agricultural University.

Huawei's NGFW can be used for data center network protection, as well as perimeter and border protection in enterprise headquarters or branches. The new NGFW models offer superior firewall protection for enterprises of all sizes, with products from the series providing performance ranging from 1 Gbps up to 40 Gbps with application identification and analysis enabled. Even with all threat prevention functions enabled, Huawei's USG6000 NGFW series is capable of providing up to 20 Gbps of performance. The USG6000 NGFW products also feature unmatched granular access control, and offer full advanced threat protection.

Based on the industry's first "V-ISA" (Virtualization/IP/Session/Application) reputation mechanism, Huawei USG6000 NGFW is able to prevent current and emergin DDoS threats, and, in addition to virtualized AntiDDoS capabilities, can also detect Botnets via IP reputation, prevent slow attacks with session reputation, and defend against application DDoS attacks with behavior reputation. In total, USG6000 NGFW can recognize and protect against over 100 types of DDoS attacks based on "V-ISA" mechanism, 30% more than existing competitive products in the industry.

Huawei's new NGFW series, a component of Huawei's Agile Network security architecture and strategy, will consist of 13 base model configurations, with six expansion modules also available via separate licenses. The first of Huawei's new USG6000 NGFW products will be available globally beginning September 2013, with the complete series of NGFW products available in 2014.