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Huawei Announces FusionInsight for Big Data — Featuring an enterprise-optimized big data platform that ensures security, reliability and ease-of-use

Sep 02, 2013

Shanghai, China, September 2, 2013: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today launched FusionInsight, a development and production platform designed to enable enterprises to unlock the value of business information buried under piles of data generated by traditional business information, social media, video and customer interactions.

FusionInsight combines the power of emerging cloud computing tools, such as Hadoop, with enhanced security, reliability and ease-of-use, to enable organizations to effectively embrace the era of big data. FusionInsight also includes a management system and development wizards which ensure the system is easy to use for both developers and support staff.

"A lot of companies find it difficult to understand the usage of basic big data tools like Hadoop when they first encounter this technology. FusionInsight enables IT staff to quickly and easily extract insights from their data collection," said Ren Zhipeng, President, IT Cloud Computing Product Line, Huawei. "Most enterprises are hesitant to use downloadable open source software for critical business tasks due to quality and security issues. Huawei FusionInsight provides a customized implementation which ensures high-performance, reliability, stability and security. This platform is addresses the needs of a number of industries, including finance, telecom and other industries where the information quality and security are crucial to business operation."

Photo caption: Mr. Ren Zhipeng announces FusionInsight for Big Data

Huawei FusionInsight provides businesses with an intelligent platform which allows businesses to quickly and accurately extract mountains of data into critical business insights. Businesses can then move forward from relying on stale, pre-processed information to acting on real-time, actionable insights.

Huawei FusionInsight big data platform features customized Hadoop data engine and streaming real-time data processing engine. Enhancements include secure role-based administration, secure data separation, elimination of single-points-of-failure, the ability to encrypt data and support for disaster recovery for data centers located in different locations. The FusionInsight software platform runs on standard x86 servers, adopting local or NAS (network-attached storage).