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Large capacity power insuring core network safety (LightReading)

Oct 11, 2013


With the rapid development of broadband networks, operators who can provide more stable network pipeline business will finally win customers and market in the fierce competition. The DC power supply is the heart of supporting the pipeline business and the key to ensure the network’s stable running. As the communication hub, the central room provides service for millions of subscribers, and its high reliability has become core demands at the present stage. Huawei has launched the industry's first highly efficient and separate large capacity power system TP483000D, which helps customers achieve significant energy saving and highly reliable communications network.

Core patent insures the high reliability of the key component

Rectifier module is the key component for DC power system. Highly efficient topology technology helps to optimize the rectification diagram and increase the MTBF of the three-phase rectifier to 540,000h, providing a more reliable power system.

HTD (Total harmonic distortion) of Huawei large capacity power system has reduced to within 3.5%,, which not only reduces the pollution on the grid, but also reduces the requirement of the diesel genset and distribution, and also reduces the over-load risk. Besides, the efficiency of the rectifier has increased to higher than 96% with less power loss, and greatly reduces the risk of powering off because of the unqualified environment.

By using the optimized DSP (Digital signal processor) logic, Huawei three-phase rectifier gets excellent fault tolerance and protection capacity, which still works normally with phase loss and provides more reliable power in poor grid.

Smart management promotes system reliability

Huawei power systems provide independent monitoring for key loads and detect the current of each branch. When the current exceeds the setting point, the system can inform service engineers through audible or visual alarms. If NetEco (network management system of Huawei power supply) or other environmental monitoring system is equipped, WEB based alarming signals can be conveniently transferred to monitoring center by message and phone, etc, so the faults can be managed in time.

Battery is very important for the network. By deploying the regular or irregular online battery diagnoses by discharging test, we can not only get the basic performance of the battery but also help to activate the battery and prolong the battery lifespan. Based on the analysis of the voltage, current and equilibrium of the battery cells, the battery cell detection function can be achieved and potential alarms will be predictable. Huawei is the first one to apply battery dormancy technology in telecom industry, which can probably extend almost 100% of the battery lifespan in good grid condition. All these professional battery management features can help to guarantee the network normal running when the power is down.

The end-to-end excellent quality to build highly reliable, telecom-class power solution

Basic functions and availability of the power system can be confirmed by customer acceptance tests, while inherent and potential problems can be found by a systematic way. Defects in design, materials and manufacturing can be found out by a full range of tests, and there are over 1000 tests to ensure the overall quality of Huawei large capacity power system, including safety, environment, thermal simulation, EMC and system functionality etc. Strict accelerated aging process before delivery can effectively reduce the early failure rate; through strict examination and screening of parts suppliers can effectively ensure the low failure rate through the whole power product life cycle. Low failure rate of power supply is the base of highly reliable communication network.

TP483000D has won the award of Telecom Network of Excellence for energy saving.. Huawei power system is the first high efficiency and highly reliable large capacity power system accepted by British telecom.

With the highly efficient and highly reliable power system, Huawei will help operators to build up the next ten-golden-year of the communication business.

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