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Huawei Launches Intelligent Railway Solution GSM-R 5.0 at Innotrans 2012

Aug 31, 2013

Berlin, Germany, September 18, 2012 – Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) provider, announced the launch of its latest GSM-R 5.0 solution at the 9th International Trade Fair for Transport Technology (Innotrans 2012), the largest international trade fair for the transportation industry. At the event, Huawei showcased its comprehensive portfolio of innovative intelligent railway solutions, demonstrating how its converged ICT solutions provide "A Better Way" to enhance operational safety for railway customers and helps to improve operational efficiency through modern LTE-based technology.

Huawei's intelligent railway solutions incorporate advanced information technology, allowing it to build reliable railway communication networks that integrate a variety of information services, software and application systems into a single smart ICT system capable of improving the overall communications within railway infrastructure and its connected entities. Huawei's solutions provide customers with high quality services for information collection, transmission, processing and storage, as well as analysis tools for various railway business areas, including operations, maintenance to improve safety and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The latest solution in Huawei's intelligent railway portfolio is the "Huawei GSM-R 5.0", designed to provide a future-proof investment for railway customers. Huawei GSM-R 5.0 features our new eCNS300, a single cabinet core network that is based on the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) industry standard. The single cabinet GSM-R core incorporates a mobile switching centre, media gateway, and a home location register. Also, with GSM-R 5.0 Huawei introduces its multi-mode GSM-R / LTE base station, BTS3900, which supports basic GSM-R as well as extended (E-GSM-R) frequency bands. The key customer benefits of the GSM-R 5.0 solution include:

  • Reliability throughout: The solution features a duo-location (geographically redundant) base station controller (BSC), an innovation unique in the GSM-R market. Together with Huawei's geo-redundancy of the core network, Huawei's GSM-R solution today offers geo-redundancy throughout.
  • Highest flexibility for radio designs: Huawei's distributed base transceiver station provides the highest flexibility in building cost efficient highly reliable wireless connectivity even in the most severe operational environment.
  • SIP based communication with Dispatchers: With GSM-R 5.0, Huawei introduces the ability to have full IP interaction, based on SIP technology, for communication with fixed line dispatchers. This technology provides even more flexibility for communication between ground-based staff and staff on board the train.
  • Evolution to LTE: The advanced platform enables Huawei GSM-R 5.0 customers to deploy GSM-R now, so that they are ready to switch over to LTE at their own pace, perfectly preparing railways for the evolution to "LTE for Rail".

"As customers in the railway industry look to improve transport capacity without compromising safety, the key strategy lies in the application of advanced and reliable information technology," said Mr. Patrick Zhang, President of Huawei Enterprise's Marketing and Solutions Department. "Guided by our experience and insights into the evolution of wireless communications in the railway industry, we will continue to develop multimedia communications solutions with ultra high bandwidth and enhanced network capabilities."

Building on Huawei's established focus on innovation, well-rounded ICT expertise and comprehensive product portfolio, Huawei Enterprise has invested significantly in the development and promotion of advanced railway industry solutions for over ten years.

Huawei's leading intelligent railway solutions have been successfully deployed globally in countries with advanced railway networks, including China, Europe, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Australia. These projects have included challenges such as railways with the world's highest altitude, longest distance, and fastest operating speeds. With these solutions, Huawei has helped customers establish advanced networks and systems covering GSM-R, network communications infrastructure, security monitoring, data centers, operations management, office applications, emergency dispatch, safety testing and seamless communications within, outside and between stations. Currently, the cumulative length of railway covered by Huawei's solutions has reached 1.38 times of the earth's circumference.

"Huawei has been actively deploying our leading GSM-R solutions for global railway customers, helping them streamline operations, keep services running safely, improve passenger and cargo safety, as well as enhance customer experience. We are committed to providing a better way for railway organizations to run their business and to create safe and efficient railway transport networks for passengers and cargo," Mr. Patrick Zhang continued.

For more information on Huawei's intelligent railway solutions, please visit Hall 6.1, 120 at Innotrans 2012, or