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Phoenix Legend at Expo

May 26, 2012

Phoenix Satellite Television, China Telecom, and Huawei Jointly Created a Fully Integrated and Smart Media Platform

On May 10, the studio of Phoenix Satellite Television at the Expo Site was busy. Lvqiu Luwei, the emcee, was connecting with Liu Shanling, the anchor of Great China News Live in Hong Kong. On the big screen behind Lvqiu Luwei, a talk show was going on via the realtime connection among Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. With the vivid report of the anchor, the audience in the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong could promptly and fully experience the highlights going on at the Expo Site.

Lvqiu Luwei, the emcee, is connecting and interacting with the honored guests in Hong Kong and the Mainland at the Expo studio of Phoenix Satellite Television

"I connect with Hong Kong at this time of the day," Lvqiu Luwei excitingly said, "Although the space is not so large, we are equipped with the most advanced and crack remote videoconferencing equipment. So the connection is very good. This greatly improves the power and quality of our report on the Expo."

The advanced equipment that Lvqiu Luwei highly praised is the crystal of cooperation among three companies - "Phoenix Legend" at the Expo. Phoenix Satellite Television, as the cooperation media of Expo 2010 Shanghai China, cooperated with China Telecom, the largest integrated information service provider in China, and Huawei, a leading telecommunication equipment vendor in the world, to jointly create the integrated and smart media platform relying on the City Optical Network of China Telecom and Huawei telepresence. Wang Younian, program director and deputy manager of Chinese programs, said, "China Telecom and Huawei are leading companies in the communication industry. The three of us build a quality Expo report platform that comprises of networks, terminals, and media and realize the first application of the fully integrated and smart broadband videoconferencing system at Phoenix TV. I believe that this is an exciting start."

One of cores of Phoenix Legend is the City Optical Network, China Telecom's very high-speed information highway. Based on optical communication, the City Optical Network can completely eliminate the bandwidth bottleneck of cooper access. With its powerful network capacity - connecting to home at a hundred megabyte and connecting to building at GB with aggregated TB bandwidth - the City Optical Network provides the smooth broadband channel for the huge amount of Expo information that Phoenix Satellite Television reported among the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Huawei telepresence, which was installed at the studios of Phoenix Satellite Television at the Expo Site and in Hong Kong and Beijing respectively, is the other highlight of Phoenix Legend. This intelligent conferencing system boasts of ultimate HD and one-touch control. The system not only easily enables perfect integration with the City Optical Network of China Telecom, but also improves the poor three dimensions and authenticity inherently found in legacy videoconferencing systems. The system provides real interaction experience by identifying the place through audible sound and high feel of presence like face-to-face communication for the report of Phoenix Satellite Television across the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Zhang Weihua, general manager of the Shanghai branch of China Telecom, said, "The tripartite cooperation enables the very high-speed City Optical Network to help connect Expo fans in the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. So the cooperation is a positive try." Tao Jingwen, CEO of Huawei Device, told the media, "Huawei telepresence provides the next generation of the full conferencing solution that features higher definition, more ease of use, and more intelligence. Broadband-based remote videoconferencing devices have rapidly grown and spread in the world in recent years. This tripartite cooperation creates another success story through seamless connection among networks, terminals, and media."

Throughout the Expo, all programs presented with telepresence were shown in the prime time Great China News Live. First cooperation created the exciting Phoenix Legend, which indicates that the tripartite cooperation will go on. More importantly, the win-win cooperation is not only the strength integration in the industry chain but also a good vertical exploration and practice. The cooperation further helped achieve the Technology Expo, the Information Expo, and the Green Expo. Finally the cooperation is also characterized by positive linkage and demonstration.