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Huawei Wins Bid to Construct Integrated MAN for Radio and TV Bureau of Changchun

May 26, 2012

Shenzhen, China, October 21, 2010 – Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently announced that it won the bid to construct integrated MAN for Radio & TV Bureau of Changchun with its S-series LAN switches and NE-series core routers. The project aims to construct new generation IP network infrastructure for Radio & TV Bureau of Changchun in the triple-play era. As a project for the convenience of residents, the integrated MAN helps residents watch more fantastic programs in more convenient mode.

In the triple-play era, the broadcasting network evolves into the next generation broadcasting network (NGB). The NGB faces many challenges, such as resource integration, service diversifying, and delicate subscriber categories. To survive future cut-throat competition in the market, Radio & TV Bureau of Changchun embarks on a project to construct integrated MAN. The integrated MAN, which is efficient and reliable, implements unified service bearing and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the whole network. Huawei LAN switches feature large capacity, high reliability, high density, and environment-protection. The NE-series core routers support full-service bearing. These features fully meet the requirements of Radio & TV Bureau of Changchun for network construction, and therefore satisfy Radio & TV Bureau of Changchun. Li Weishi, president of the enterprise network product line under Huawei datacom department, commends: "We are glad to cooperate with Radio & TV Bureau of Changchun for constructing integrated WAN." Orienting to customers' requirements, Huawei spares no effort in detecting developing trend of the broadcasting network and serving the network construction. In addition, Huawei helps operators provide triple-play services, such as high-definition TV, broadband access, and voice.”

By June 30, 2010, Huawei had shipped nearly 4 million sets of Quidway S-series LAN switches and nearly 1 million Quidway routers. These products are widely used in the sectors of government, telecommunications, finance, transport, electricity, education, and petroleum.