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2010 Tour Exhibition of Huawei Industry Solutions Sets Out

May 26, 2012

With the theme of “Convergence and Innovation Are Here with You”, the 2010 tour exhibition of Huawei industry solutions was officially unveiled in Beijing on May 6 and 7. With Beijing as the first stop, the tour exhibition will last three months, across 14 key capital cities from the North to South, and present Huawei’s latest industry solutions and industry-oriented converged solutions to industry customers. Through this tour exhibition, Huawei will also demonstrate to industry customers its strong determination to make strategic investments in and service the industry market.

Lu Jun, the Director of the Special Industries Sales and Marketing Dept, Yang Chen, the Director of the Special Industries Software Business Dept, Peng Jinzhou, the Director of the Terminal VC Business Dept, and Wang Shihong from the Enterprise Networking Marketing Dept went on the stage to unveil the exhibition at the first stop of the tour exhibition, and jointly opened a new chapter of the industry market in 2010. About 350 key figures from government, finance, electricity, transportation, and energy industries and enterprises and channel partners were present at the Beijing Stop of the tour exhibition, and listened to the speeches and solution presentations. All seats were occupied in the conference room.

Huang Tao, the Director of the Special Industries Solutions Dept, delivered a keynote speech at the conference titled “Embracing the New Network World”, noting that the converged development of the telecommunications network, Internet and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) will guide the world to become a smarter place. Huawei is dedicated to making strategic investments in the information-based industries to cope with the trends of industry development. In the conference, Huawei took the lead in releasing the “New Network World”, a brand-new concept of enterprise network solutions. The three wonderful speeches delivered later fully demonstrated Huawei’s "take it easy” solution on IP network architecture, “powering the digital city, and building information-based enterprises" solution that is the latest highlight of business application solutions, and the telepresence solution that enables the “face-to-face” communication of people at two places far from each other.

Different from the previous ones, this tour exhibition attaches more importance to the demonstration of business solutions and interaction with the guests. The solutions demonstrated in the tour exhibition focus on IP capabilities, and include industry-oriented product solutions, such as a full series of data communications, high-definition video conferencing, unified communications, contact center, digital city, and data center solutions. Guests took great interest in visiting the booth. During the tour exhibition, Huawei’s solution experts also carried out in-depth communication with key customers on technical issues they were interested in, and won the strong recognition of the customers.