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Smart and Powerful for Cloud Computing:Huawei Unveils the World’s First Terabit Firewall

Oct 18, 2012

Shanghai, China, 6 September 2012]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today unveiled its USG9500 series, the world’s first high-end firewall with Terabit throughput, at the Huawei Cloud Computing Conference 2012 (HCC 2012), held in Shanghai, China.

With more than ten years of experience in firewall technologies, Huawei’s firewalls have evolved from Gigabit basic firewalls to 10G and 100G firewalls, providing functions such as Network Address Translation (NAT), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Unified Threat Management (UTM), Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (Anti-DDoS), and Carrier-grade NAT to meet the rising security requirements of enterprises. Recently, Huawei firewalls have witnessed rapid business growth across a range of products and now include low-end, mid-range, and high-end devices to meet the needs of different a range of enterprises, which include the world’s largest carriers and most reputable companies.

The USG9500 is the high-end flagship firewall series of Huawei that uses the new generation processor, an industry-leading multi-core processor, to deliver a throughput of 40 Gbps. Each service card includes four processors to provide a throughput of 160 Gbps, the capacity of an entire high-end chassis. Huawei believes that the popular design of “processor plus hardware acceleration” successfully achieves high performance at a low cost. With the USG9500, the four processors are used to manage all services to ensure high performance across all scenarios. The USG9500 is built on Huawei’s high-end router platform, with both the backplane capacity and switching capability of the USG9500 delivering a Terabit throughout. Huawei was the first to launch this feature at the “MPLS & Ethernet World Congress” held in early 2011. In terms of heat dissipation, the USG9500 series adopts an advanced U-shaped air flow design to increase distribution of heat by 100%, thus improving the device reliability and supporting the capacity upgrade of the service card scales to Terabit level. The USG9580 is the highest-end model within the USG9500 series and provides 16 expansion slots for applying interface cards and service cards.

With the explosive growth of the Internet traffic, the traffic volume of data centers will soon be measured in Terabits. The USG9500 has taken the lead to break through the performance bottleneck and usher in a Terabit era of network security. It helps protect the enterprise legacy investments, can identify over 1,000 types of applications, and in terms of features and performance, can defend against DDoS attacks on traffic of up to 1Tbps, comprehensively monitoring for application-layer DDoS attacks to protect data center services. Flexibility is the most significant feature of cloud computing and the USG9500 can help cloud computing center customers learn the cost per traffic unit from inbound and outbound directions so that they are able to adjust policies accordingly. Each tenant can lease virtual resources according to their own service scales, with the USG9500 supporting security virtualization and providing various tenant-specific security functions.

The global leading analysis corporation, International Data Corporation (IDC), recently released a report analyzing China’s IT security hardware market. According to the report, in 2H 2011, the Firewall/VPN hardware market share accounted for 36.7% of the overall market, making up the largest share of China’s IT security hardware industry. In 2011, the Firewall/UTM hardware market enjoyed sustainable growth, due to the sales of high-performance firewall products driven by the construction of data centers nationwide. According to Wang Pei, a researcher at IDC China, Huawei has maintained a leading position in China’s Firewall/UTM hardware market during this period, with IDC predicting that the industry will enjoy a compound growth rate over the next five years of 5.9%.

The USG9500 series, a high-end Terabit firewall product with enhanced performance, is the world’s first firewall with a throughput of up to 1 Tbps, meeting both the current and future development of data centers. The USG9500 series has a Terabit throughput, which is twice the industry level and will provide effective solutions for customers to address the ever-increasing security requirements of cloud-based data centers.

The Huawei USG9500 series, world’s first high-end firewall with Terabit throughput