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Huawei Unveils New Series of Data Center Solutions to Enhance Data Center Agility

Oct 18, 2012

[Shanghai, China, September 10, 2012]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today unveiled its Agile Data Center Solution series at the Huawei Cloud Congress 2012 in Shanghai.

With over 10 years of experience in the data center domain, Huawei started providing traditional data center solutions in 2001, delivering successful commercial implementation of the cloud data center solutions in 2011. Over the years, Huawei has continuously invested in the research and development of data center solutions, and has accumulated valuable experience in the construction, management, operation and maintenance of data centers. To date, Huawei has built over 200 data centers for customers around the world, including China Mobile’s Northern China data center which is the world’s largest at an area of 300,000 square meters, data center for the State Information Center of China, as well as the first medical cloud in Shanghai. In addition, Huawei’s own experience in building, operating and maintaining its own data centers over the past 20 years has also contributed significantly to Huawei’s data center expertise.

Against the backdrop of today’s uncertain economic environment, Huawei has launched three new products to help enterprises establish agile data center to manage and address business transformation, and achieve the three key business needs of safeguarding information technology (IT) investments, achieving rapid expansion and maintaining operational excellence. The three products are the ManageOne Data Center Management Solution, Micro Data Center Solution and the Integrated Testing Cloud Solution. The newly launched solutions complement the existing data center portfolio to help customers enhance flexibility, efficiency and agility in data centers.

ManageOne Data Center Management Solution Helps Customers Safeguard IT Investment

As enterprises expand their business operations, they often face difficulties in managing existing IT systems, new IT systems, as well as a heterogeneous technology environment with pieces from different vendors.

Huawei’s ManageOne Data Center Management Solution is an all-round integrated solution that manages business operation, IT infrastructure operation and maintenance, as well as the management of multiple data centers. This solution has three main characteristics:

Firstly, ManageOne is the industry's first integrated solution which combines communications and equipment room power to provide an integrated management solution within the data center;

Secondly, it supports integration of traditional data centers and cloud data centers, and is able to provide vendor-agnostic equipment support, so that customers can reap the benefits of cloud technology while protecting their existing IT investments.

Most importantly, in addition to providing virtualization, operation and maintenance management, as well as service management, ManageOne provides customized data center management to meet the unique needs of customers from different industries.

By deploying Huawei ManageOne Data Center Management Solution, enterprise IT staff will be able to the enterprise group data center, regional data center, as well as the branch data center with a single, unified management platform. This helps enterprises improve management efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and safeguard IT investment, thereby simplifying the management process and achieving greater agility.

Quick Deployment of Micro Data Centers Helps Support Enterprise Expansion Globally

The Micro Data Center Solution is specially developed for rapidly expanding enterprises that are expanding IT facilities in branch offices, and is a holistic, integrated solution for micro data centers. It provides a package comprising the cabinet, power supply and distribution equipment, sensors, cooling system, network, security, server and integrated management software, and is the only product in the industry which supports a unified monitoring and management of the computer room and IT infrastructure.

In order to meet customers’ needs for rapid growth and expansion, the solution is designed to achieve comprehensive network management, ICT integration, and quick delivery. Key features of Huawei's Micro Data Center Solution include:

  • Highly integrated, plug-and-play branch office IT systems to support quick deployment in the branch offices;
  • Pre-integrated data center operation and management system which helps enterprise headquarters achieve unified operation and integrated remote control for branch offices; allows branch offices to realize unattended, standardized management and operation, enabling reduction of operating and maintenance costs;
  • Supports classified and decentralized management, providing flexible operation for remote and local administrators;
  • Supports data back-up and disaster recovery, providing automatic protection to help customers maintain business continuity

With the Micro Data Center Solution, Huawei is committed to enabling comprehensive network management, ICT integration, and quick delivery. The solution that provides enterprises with convenient operation and maintenance, as well as quick deployment, so as to fully support the business expansion needs of customers.

Integrated Testing Cloud Solution Supports Operational Excellence for Enterprises

To address the challenges of a complex market environment and changing customer needs, enterprises are often required to deploy multiple business offerings within a short period of time. However, traditional business research and testing methods require new IT resources which can be time-consuming and costly, making the launch dates of new business offerings unpredictable, and resulting in failure to meet market needs.

To address these challenges, Huawei launched the Integrated Testing Cloud Solution to enable virtualization, standardization and automation of integrated testing. Key features of the Integrated Testing Cloud Solution include:

  • A virtualized pool of IT resources to help customers make optimal use of existing IT resources, and enables flexible configuration of resources to increase the asset utilization rate by 75%;
  • Flexible resource allocation, which reduces business upgrade cycles from weeks to minutes, shortening the amount of time required to launch new business offerings;
  • A standardized test environment for resource allocation enables ease of system integration, replacement and access, helping enterprises reduce 50% of manpower resources required for test environment allocation, configuration, operation and maintenance; and
  • Automatic coding and testing to reduce operation costs, thereby achieving better testing quality.

By deploying Huawei Integrated Testing Cloud Solution, customers are able to reduce time-to-market for new business offerings, enabling customers to efficiently capitalize on market opportunities.

The ManageOne Data Center Management Solution, Micro Data Center Solution and the Huawei Integrated Testing Cloud Solution have significantly enhanced Huawei’s data center portfolio, allowing Huawei to meet different requirements for data center construction and operation.

Through enhancing data center agility, Huawei will continue to help customers leverage opportunities in their business evolution. With Huawei’s strong experience in research and development, open and collaborative approach and customer-centric solutions, Huawei will continue to help customers safeguard IT investments, support rapid expansion and achieve operational excellence.