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Huawei Launches eNSP, an Advanced Product Facilitating Your Way to Becoming a Technical Expert

Aug 20, 2012

【Shenzhen, China, 16 August, 2012】Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, recently announced the launch of a free graphical enterprise network simulation platform (eNSP) for ICT practitioners and those who want to grasp knowledge about ICT. This platform can simulate such real network devices as routers and switches to help ICT practitioners and customers become more familiar with Huawei's datacom products, grasp the operations and configurations of Huawei's routers and switches, and master fault locating methods. The platform also helps ICT practitioners and customers possess and improve the capabilities to plan, construct, operate, and maintain ICT networks for enterprises and thus helps enterprises build better networks with enhanced efficiency.

In recent years, more and more ICT practitioners require the ability to simulate real network devices without actually using these devices. As a result, ICT vendors have developed simulation platforms based on their own devices. However, the current simulators have some common problems: low-fidelity simulation, delayed system upgrade, and software that is hard to operate. ICT practitioners have been beset by these problems, which have affected user experience in simulating routers and switches. These frustrations and problems have turned many practitioners away from learning about relevant products because they could not experience the operations first-hand with true-to-deployment simulations.

Recently, Huawei developed a user-friendly datacom device simulator that delivers high-fidelity simulation: The Huawei enterprise network simulation platform (eNSP). This platform runs Huawei's Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) system and can simulate deployments before real devices are deployed in a network and simulate tests on the compatibility and configurations of the devices, thereby helping practitioners facilitate pre-deployment planning and testing on high-quality ICT networks for enterprises. Huawei eNSP supports interconnection to real devices and can realize real-time packet capture analysis, enabling you to fully understand the principles of networking protocols and explore network technologies within the safe bounds of a simulator. Furthermore, the eNSP tool allows ICT practitioners to pass Huawei Certification in many domains by simulating the tests for Huawei Certified Datacom Associate (HCDA), Huawei Certified

Datacom Professional (HCDP)-Enterprise, Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert (HCIE)-Enterprise, thereby allowing rookies to become technical experts.

The launch of the free eNSP will provide an opportunity for all to experience the benefits of Huawei's equipment. Huawei is confident that all who experience this tool will benefit from it; whether they are a student who wants to pass Huawei's certification, an instructor who gives lectures on network technologies, or a technical engineer who operates datacom products or maintains live networks.