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Huawei Releases the First Microwave Solution for FTTx

Sep 30, 2016

[Frankfurt, Germany, September 30, 2016] Huawei officially released the first microwave solution for FTTx, in order to provide an all-media gig-access platform. The solution allows operators to deploy gigabit-capable ultra-broadband over different forms of access media. Operators can leverage microwave links as well as existing fiber, copper, and coaxial cables to expand gigabit network coverage.

The innovative new solution helps pave the way for the ultra-broadband era in accordance with Huawei’s Gigaband strategy, which aims to achieve never-before-seen levels of bandwidth, experience, and coverage. The Huawei Microwave solution for FTTx extends coverage to the greatest range possible while also providing guaranteed bandwidth and service experience.

In terms of coverage, microwave technologies allow for quick deployment, even over geographically challenging terrains. Microwave technologies also avoid the difficulties of laying fibers, Right-Of-Way (ROW) acquisition, as well as trenching and reducing the time to complete site rollouts from one to six months down to just one to two weeks.

For the bandwidth, Huawei combines a variety of innovative microwave technologies, like large-capacity E-band and Super Dual Band (SDB) solutions, to offer a transmission capacity ranging from 1 to 10 Gbit/s.

In terms of experience, microwave radio air interfaces feature very low latency and a superior high-throughput mechanism. These advantages help improve the service experience, especially for high-definition videos.

The Huawei Microwave solution for FTTx has already been successfully deployed commercially in multiple countries, such as Greece and China. The solution effectively addresses two problems:

1.The difficulty in improving line speed because of poor quality old copper for fixed line operators.

2.The hardship for mobile operators to obtain the required optical fiber resources to quickly deploy Optical Line Terminals (OLTs).

The Huawei Microwave solution for FTTx helps to remove bottlenecks. With improved deployment efficiencies and lower overall costs for broadband construction, Huawei continues to build a Better Connected World by working with operators to build better gig-access throughout the world.

On September 29 and 30, 2016, the UN Broadband Commission and Huawei held the Ultra-Broadband Forum 2016 (UBBF 2016) in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was a great opportunity to increase communication between global operators, content providers, consumer electronic manufactures, Internet service providers, and regulatory agencies. Discussions on the latest trends and promoting a healthy ecosystem for ultra-broadband featuring sustainable development helped ensure commercial success for all players in the industry.