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Slovak Energotel and Huawei Make Joint Efforts in Building Premium International Leased Line Networks

Jun 28, 2019

[Stockholm, Sweden, June 28, 2019] During the ISP Summit Pan-Europe 2019 held in Stockholm, Sweden, the Slovak telecommunications company Energotel and Huawei jointly announced in-depth cooperation to build premium international leased line networks.

Service cloudification has been driving growth. It is estimated by Telegeography that the pan-European international traffic will exceed 4000T by 2022. The pan-European international traffic growth rate of content providers (mainly OTT and cloud service providers) is expected to exceed 50% annually, and the European region is the international area with the heaviest traffic. Cloud service providers and Internet companies are investing heavily in global data centers, driving traffic growth between pan-European DCIs. At the same time, Europe is becoming more deeply integrated, and political, economic, and tourism information exchanges are increasingly frequent. This is driving a traffic increase in cross-border mobile roaming settlements. Slovakia is a country in Central Europe, As the central gateway connecting Eastern Europe and Western Europe, Slovakia transmits high volumes of international traffic.


Tomas Szucs, a member from the supervisory board of Energotel

Tomas Szucs, a member from the supervisory board of Energotel, shared: “Energotel sees a great potential in international market for our future growth because of Slovakia’s ideal geographical position in central Europe connecting various countries and providing the shortest path with the lowest latency the world wide exchange centers. With almost 20 years of experience we are able to provide dark fibers and leased line services for all the companies who have ambition to have the highest service level quality.”

Leveraging Huawei’s Optical Transmission product, Energotel has built an N*100G ultra-broadband network. This product with E2E MS-OTN innovations fits into Energotel's vision for bandwidth operation services. With a unified SDH/PKT/ODUk switching platform and abundant service interfaces, Huawei's E2E MS-OTN supports all of Energotel's services, including international leased lines, Wireless-Ready transmission, and data center interconnection etc. In addition, the evolution from 100G to 200G and to 600G provides a smooth network upgrade solution for Energotel, meeting bandwidth growth requirements in the coming 5 to 10 years.


Michal Loncek,Network Technical Director of Energotel

Michal Loncek,Network Technical Director of Energotel, added: ” Huawei's E2E MS-OTN solution helps Energotel build a premium network, and by leveraging FD(Fiber Doctor) and OD(Optical Doctor) features,we can monitor fiber and optical performance parameters in real time, in this way we’re transfering from passive O&M(operation and maintenance) to active O&M, making Energotel network the lowest failure rate of operation and the highest SLA in Slovakia. “

Energotel is a telecommunications company founded in 2000. Major Slovak utilities and oil companies have invested into Energotel, and it uses the rich fiber resources of its parent companies for bandwidth operations. With 5500km of optical fiber, Energotel’s network covers all of Slovakia. There are 600+ points of presence (PoPs) which carry over 40% of the backbone network traffic. Focusing on the 2B market, Energotel offers services including wholesale telco services, leased lines, and ICT outsourcing services etc. Currently, Energotel provides bandwidth and leased line services for over 130 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In addition to local ISPs in Slovakia, Energotel also provides international network connections for pan-European multinational enterprises and operators.