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Huawei Releases FusionROBO for Enterprise Branch Management

Mar 01, 2019

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1, 2019] At MWC 2019, Huawei launched FusionROBO, an integrated solution for enterprises to manage devices and resources remotely under a single management system. This solution takes half the time to deploy as others on the market, and reduces specialist manpower by 75%.

A Huawei executive giving a FusionROBO for enterprise branch management presentation at the solution launch

Huawei FusionROBO Solution Launch

The explosive growth of data means that more resources are needed to process massive data. Enterprise services impose more demands on IT investment, IT O&M teams, and diverse applications from different sources. Information silos, inconsistent management, and inefficient data exchange plague service development. Enterprises must build their IT systems to cater to infrastructure needs at each branches and provide capabilities for business growth.

Leveraging advantages of full product line, Huawei has designed FusionROBO with innovative technology for remote and central management. More ease and efficiency of day-to-day management make FusionROBO the choice for IT construction at enterprise branches.

Huawei FusionROBO comes in three models for any-sized branches: FusionROBO 600, FusionROBO 900, and FusionROBO 2000. 

A portfolio of Huawei FusionROBO 600, FusionROBO 900, and FusionROBO 2000 solutions for enterprise branch management

Huawei FusionROBO 600, FusionROBO 900, and FusionROBO 2000

With one-stop supply, Huawei FusionROBO integrates devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, servers, storage, and uninterruptible power supplies without the need for multi-vendor purchases. Hardened cabinets are transported and delivered safely, and ready for immediate use. The unique noise reduction design makes FusionROBo suitable for office environments, which can reduce cost of datacenter construction. FusionROBO also provides wizard-based tool for initialization which can reduce 90% time for initialization, from 2 weeks to 2 hours.

FusionROBO Manager is a central platform which can manage up to 500 branches, reducing travel expenses by 50%. Administrators can access to FusionROBO manger by PC or mobile to check status of each branches. Administrators can create application templates at the central site and dispatch templates to branches. FusionROBO can support branch data backup to center.