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Huawei Launches Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Product Concept — Any Workload, Any Site, One System

Mar 26, 2019

[Fuzhou, China, March 26, 2019] Huawei has launched its Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Product Concept — "Any Workload, Any Site, One System" — at the Huawei Σco-Partner Conference 2019. The company’s new concept leverages the benefits of its FusionCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and FusionAccess Desktop Cloud Solution to help customers build an all-in-one cloud infrastructure from the center to the edge.

Philip Chiang, Huawei's Hyper-Converged Intelligent Storage and Data Management GM, launches product strategies

Philip Chiang, Huawei's Hyper-Converged Intelligent Storage and Data Management General Manager launches the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Product Strategy

Huawei's FusionCube and FusionAccess solutions have earned high-level market recognition. According to the latest report from market intelligence and advisory firm IDC, Huawei's FusionCube and FusionAccess solutions ranked first in China's hyper-converged and desktop cloud markets due to their innovative technology and market performance. FusionCube was also awarded challenger status in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report on Hyperconverged Infrastructure. To date, it is China's only hyper-converged product listed on the Magic Quadrant.

"The hyper-converged infrastructure product concept, 'Any Workload, Any Site, One System,' aims to build an all-in-one infrastructure for enterprise data centers and edge branches. It supports any workload, helps shift from hyper-converged to fully converged, and provides more efficient, reliable, and simple services," Huawei's Hyper-Converged Intelligent Storage and Data Management General Manager Philip Chiang said.

The FusionCube solution comprehensively covers three major scenarios: cloud virtualization, database, and edge branch. FusionCube hosts application workloads at central cloud platforms and edge branches, which helps enterprises build an all-in-one infrastructure from the center to the edge.

FusionCube Center centrally manages, operates, and maintains devices and services. FusionAccess and FusionCube work seamlessly to establish an all-in-one desktop cloud solution that effectuates the concept of "Any Workload, Any Site, and One System."

In the first two scenarios, FusionCube is exclusively equipped with InfiniBand networks and 8-socket, high-performance KunLun servers to double data reconstruction speed; simplify O&M; and support mission-critical workloads that improve storage features like Erasure Coding (EC), asynchronous replication, active-active, and deduplication and compression. FusionCube helps customers establish a solution with best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings.

In edge scenarios, FusionCube provides all-in-one cabinet delivery and plug-and-play features that allow users to quickly initialize branch devices by simply scanning a QR code. FusionCube allows users to remotely manage devices and resources at branches without dedicated on-site staff, which reduces O&M costs by 65 percent and helps enterprises pioneer a new branch-management era.

To establish the "Cloud Workspace, Smart FusionAccess" concept, FusionAccess leverages FusionCube to provide a desktop cloud appliance that integrates computing, storage, network, and management functions for a secure, reliable, efficient, and agile cloud workspace platform with optimal experiences.

Huawei's FusionCube serves global customers across a variety of large enterprises, government agencies, financial organizations, education institutions, and medical facilities. China Everbright Bank, France TF1, Sinopec, and COFCO Coca-Cola have all used Huawei's FusionCube to successfully build their enterprise cloud platforms.

The Huawei FusionAccess Desktop Cloud Solution provides satisfactory services to more than 4,000 enterprise customers and over 1.5 million end users in more than 110 countries and regions. The solution is widely used in education, government, finance, carrier, large enterprise, media, health care, energy, and a host of other industries.