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Huawei Business-Critical Cloud Storage FusionStorage Accelerates Cloud Transformation of Critical Business

Oct 16, 2018

[Shanghai, China, October 16, 2018] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei announced the update for its next-generation business-critical cloud storage FusionStorage. It leverages technological innovation of storage software and ultra-fast compatibility with industry-leading hardware, to provide ultimate performance, robust reliability, and on-demand storage resource services for mission-critical applications, helping enterprises easily manage challenges when migrating core businesses to the cloud. This is the first product to support business-critical applications for enterprises in the cloud storage field.

A Huawei executive presents from the stage at the announcement of its business-critical cloud storage: FusionStorage

Huawei announced the update for its next-generation business-critical cloud storage FusionStorage

In addition to elastic scaling, powerful scalability (performance and capacity), and simplified management, distributed storage provides unwavering reliability, high performance, and a variety of value-added features, making it an optimal choice for cloud data center construction and development. Consequently, carriers, financial institutions, and manufacturing organizations have deployed distributed storage to host their mission-critical applications when building large data centers. Distributed storage has seen its popularity rise among enterprises in the evolution of cloud data centers.

In the SPC Benchmark 1 Full Disclosure Report released in June 2017, FusionStorage proved to provide the highest performance in the distributed storage field. The performance of FusionStorage is even more remarkable. It provides a latency of 300 μs to meet rapid I/O response requirements of carrier core databases and financial online production services, ensuring high-speed and stable critical business operations. Based on a proprietary distributed architecture powered by Distributed Hash Tables (DHT), FusionStorage supports a maximum of 4,096 nodes in a cluster and builds a centralized storage pool to host hundreds of petabytes of data, simplifying secondary data mining.

FusionStorage also delivers multi-level business continuity assurance solutions for users to deploy on demand. Equipped with a unique fully distributed gateway-free, active-active solution, FusionStorage provides 99.9999 percent solution-level reliability to ensure uninterrupted business operations in virtualization and database scenarios. Additionally, this solution offers the industry’s only asynchronous replication technology that supports second-level Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for long-distance data protection scenarios.

For cost reduction and efficiency improvement, FusionStorage uses the core erasure code technology, EC Turbo, to automatically adjust the redundancy policy based on the storage cluster scale. It increases disk space utilization to 80 percent while maintaining an equivalent performance with the traditional three-copy redundancy mode. FusionStorage is the only distributed storage to boast both high disk utilization and outstanding performance. Even in database application scenarios, FusionStorage delivers 3:1 data reduction, helping customers save on storage space. In addition, FusionStorage can replace hardware without the need to migrate data, ensuring ever-new storage systems.

Moreover, FusionStorage offers wide enterprise-class ecosystem compatibility. Supporting enterprise-class iSCSI, it is compatible with virtualization platforms and Linux applications, as well as UNIX and Windows systems. It uses the simplest storage pool to accommodate the most complex mixed-load data storage demands. In addition, as the common infrastructure of HUAWEI CLOUD and FusionCloud services, FusionStorage provides the industry’s only native cloud storage to help enterprises smoothly distribute data both off-premises (in public clouds) and on-premises (in enterprise private cloud data centers).

Since its first release in 2012, Huawei’s FusionStorage Distributed Cloud Storage has served thousands of enterprise users worldwide, accelerating their digital transformation. The capacity in commercial use exceeds 3 exabytes. China Merchants Bank is one of these customers. It used FusionStorage to build a distributed cloud storage resource pool that provided efficient, stable storage services for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and intelligent data analysis services, improving the resource provisioning speed by 10 times and reducing TCO by 40 percent. China Mobile Liaoning deployed FusionStorage to house more than 10 petabytes of data, facilitating the architecture shift from traditional centralized to a general distributed for critical databases of its Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS) as well as B2B service cloud resource pools.

Meng Guangbin, President of Huawei IT Storage Product Line spoke highly of FusionStorage, “FusionStorage adopts leading technologies in offering optimal performance, reliability, and enterprise-level ecosystem compatibility at lower costs. It will help enterprises, at all levels, in nearly all industries to achieve data-driven service innovation.”

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