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Huawei and Sunac Southeast Construct Future Communities — Livable 5G in Hangzhou

Jan 02, 2019

[Hangzhou, China, January 2, 2019] As 2020 arrived, heralding the start of a fresh decade, Huawei and Sunac Southeast Regional Group — known as Sunac Southeast for short — launched an innovative 5G future community pilot project, integrating Sunac Southeast's community building and operations capabilities with Huawei's technical strength in 5G. The first batch of pilot projects will be implemented in Jiuzhangtai and Wealth Mansion in the city of Hangzhou, then expanded to wider Zhejiang Province.

Livable 5G for Future Communities

A community is the basic unit of urban construction — this much is commonplace — and such communities are central to Sunac Southeast’s business, making it an ideal partner for Huawei. The joint Livable 5G project represents a significant step forward, toward future community construction.

In the words of Wang Peng, President of Sunac Southeast: "We and Huawei can use our own unique strengths to build Livable 5G future communities in the digital era. Together, we aim to reshape the relationship between people, spaces, and communities by integrating livable spaces, 5G technology, care, and digital technologies to provide community services that are convenient, intelligent, and based on social networks. With everything connected, the standard of living for families in communities will rise."

Shi Yaohong, Vice President of the China Region at Enterprise BG, Huawei, stated:

"Sunac Southeast provides families with a complete set of solutions for better living — this is consistent with Huawei's corporate culture of customer-centricity. Both companies have high standards for products and services, and we complement each other in different fields, creating opportunities for deep cooperation, such as the development of the future community project."

Neighborhood, Education, and Services

The core idea embraces three key areas — neighborhood, education, and services — and the Livable 5G solution integrates new ICT capabilities — such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, video, converged communications, and Graphic Information System (GIS) — on the Horizon Digital Platform, itself built on cloud infrastructure. Such a design streamlines service platforms and upper-layer community service applications, enabling in-depth integration of technologies, services, and data.

In neighborhoods, Huawei ICT — including 5G and Wi-Fi 6 — is used to collect data on property owners, device and facility operations, and merchant services. The Horizon Digital Platform aggregates, governs, and shares data to make the community smarter and facilitate interactions between the physical space offline and the virtual space online, improving the community's operational and management efficiency.

Taking Sunac Southeast's urban community operations as an example, the introduction of ICT breaks down community boundaries, broadens online interactions, and forms a wider community defined across regions, allowing for co-construction involving whole neighborhoods. A credit scoring and identification mechanism for property owners is made possible by sharing data across systems, improving trust in the neighborhood, and encouraging engagement from property owners.

For education, social resources will be introduced to the resident community. More high-quality education resources will facilitate learning and create a lifelong learning environment. Furthermore, as smart screens and Virtual Reality (VR) glasses become popular, education institutions will be able to create new online education models that deliver immersive learning experiences at home.

In terms of services, innovative Online to Offline (O2O) community services meet the needs of residents around the clock, bringing greater convenience to daily life. Using 5G technologies, Sunac Southeast will integrate existing services, tourism, culture, and recreation ecosystems to improve the efficiency and quality of services. For example, residents will be able to enjoy hassle-free delivery of fresh, green, and secure agricultural products from the pristine Mogan Valley in Deqing County.

Huawei Horizon Digital Platform Enables Businesses

As the highest priority project in Zhejiang Province, the future community project aims to provide a better quality of life, centering on requirements for daily services and adhering to an approach that stresses people-centricity, eco-friendliness, and digitalization.

Based on the Horizon Digital Platform, the intelligent campus solution leverages Huawei's core capabilities in digital connectivity (5G) as well as intelligent computing (AI) to build digitally-enabled future communities and create a truly connected, intelligent world. By combining technology with quality services, Huawei and Sunac Southeast will create a thriving Livable 5G future community in Zhejiang province.