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Huawei Partners with Zhejiang Huilong to Build the “Intelligent+” Campus Industry

Jul 25, 2019

[Hangzhou, China, July 25, 2019] The aim? To revolutionize campus technology and build fully connected, intelligent spaces for enterprises of all shapes and all sizes. This is the avowed goal of the collaboration between Zhejiang Huilong Holdings Group and Huawei.

In an effort to bring to reality an "intelligent industry + digital economy" strategy in Hangzhou, the two companies have begun to establish a comprehensive campus operational service system.

Based on the Huawei Horizon Digital Platform — covering property management, government, talent, financial, and life service industries — Huilong and Huawei are determined to bring about "intelligent+" industry, to strengthen society using advanced technology, at the same time as they serve it.

Representatives from Zhejiang Huilong Holdings Group and Huawei pose in front of a large screen to mark their partnership

Intelligent campus cooperation brought to life: Huawei and Huilong

Combining Huawei’s strength in the intelligent campus field with Huilong’s extensive experience in industrial park investment, development, construction, and operations, development of concepts and technologies for intelligent park design and construction are well underway.

While Huilong has been exploring independently the idea of the intelligent industrial park 4.0 for many years, in the company’s Chairman’s words, “with Huawei's strong technical support, we believe that our cooperation will initiate the revolution of the 'intelligent industry + digital economy' model."

Moreover, Huilong has already made progress in the development of intelligent communities, buildings, and cities. Now, as Huilong’s General Manager of Intelligent Campus, Dai Azao, puts it, “Huawei's cloud platform, big data, IoT, AI, and 5G technologies will allow us to help make a world where everything senses, everything connects, and everything is intelligent."

Hu Xinwei, Chairman of Huilong, and Wang Hongyou, Director of Huawei's Zhejiang Enterprise Business Department, shake hands

Hu Xinwei, Chairman of Huilong, and Wang Hongyou, Director of Zhejiang Enterprise Business Dept at Huawei.

Indeed, Huawei’s technology leadership is key to the future-facing development of intelligent enterprise campuses. Yet, Huilong’s experience building multiple industrial parks in the Yangtze River Delta proves that they are just as important to the project and its vision.

In the words of Huawei’s Wang Jiehong: "Huilong takes the intelligent industrial park 4.0 as its strategic goal for transformation, which is in line with our HiCampus vision. Huawei will continue to optimize the intelligent industrial park solution and closely cooperate with Huilong to achieve success."

It is only through close cooperation of industry leading companies that true intelligentization of industry can be achieved. Huilong and Huawei are a perfect example of such collaboration, not only focusing on their own digital transformation, but also the development of technology to promote the "intelligent industry + digital economy" model.