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Huawei and COPL Build a New Benchmark for Intelligent Campuses


[ShenZhen, China,July 21, 2019] With traditional building management and operations models not fit for purpose in the digital era, Huawei has partnered with China Overseas Property Holdings Limited (COPL) to realize a new practice: "city management center + projects".

Using Huawei's Horizon Digital Platform and HUAWEI CLOUD technical architecture — offering edge-cloud synergy — service workers will either be replaced entirely, or otherwise assisted, all through the application of new ICT technology. The end result will deliver better, tailored services for everyone residing in or working on a campus.

Cooperation between Huawei and COPL

A sustainable, intelligent community focuses on campus management and services. HUAWEI CLOUD, as the technical foundation, ensures campus service quality, reduces campus management costs, and improves management efficiency.

HUAWEI CLOUD provides three service capabilities. First, connectivity with edge-cloud synergy: Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF), enterprise integration ROMA, and IoT connects campus devices to systems. Second, data convergence: DAYU is used to accumulate campus data assets and accelerate campus data sharing. Third, full-stack all-scenario AI: Intelligent video services provide rich scenarios, promoting intelligent campus upgrade.

In the words of Huawei Enterprise BG’s President of Intelligent Campus Business Dept., Dr. Su Baohua: “With COPL, we will build a fully connected, converged, and intelligent community based on HUAWEI CLOUD, reducing property management costs, improving property management service quality and the customer experience, and building a sustainable intelligent community."

Elsewhere, a centralized city management center promotes the “3-3-3” operations management mode of each campus project. Based on Huawei's IoT technology featuring device-edge-pipe-cloud synergy, the Xinghai IoT cloud platform — a wholly-owned technology subsidiary of COPL — can generate operational benefits equivalent to hundreds of millions of yuan per year. Indeed, theoretically, the cost of engineering construction and equipment upgrades alone will decrease by tens of millions of yuan per year.

The "3-3-3" Operations Management Mode

Of any total given operations workload, one third (1/3) is repetitive and considered to be low-value work: it can be replaced by advanced AI technology. One third is important work that is nonetheless imperceptible to property owners. Such work can be remotely operated, centrally managed, and overseen by professionals in a city management center. Finally, one third involves on-site customer services. Assisted by technologies, COPL provides personalized services in this area to enhance the customer experience.

Based on the Huawei Horizon Digital Platform for Campuses, COPL uses the Xinghai IoT cloud platform and five application systems — namely, parking lot, intelligent access control, building intercom, video surveillance, and remote equipment room monitoring systems — to upgrade key areas such as security guards, maintenance, and the business experience, all enabling intelligent operations.

Improving the service experience in intelligent access control, integrated security management, and facial recognition is core to the "city management center + projects" model. CEO of COPL, Dr. Yang Ou is confident in the future development of the model: "Based on the successful cooperation with Huawei, we will promote the model of ‘city management center + projects’, which will cover 37 projects in five cities, with a total area of approximately seven million square meters. Overall operations and management efficiency is estimated to increase by 30%, saving approximately CNY100 million each year."

Based on Huawei offerings and HUAWEI CLOUD, Huawei works with partners, using HiCampus — which shifts from single-scenario to all-scenario intelligence — to facilitate intelligent campus operations and allowing all those residing or working on campuses to enjoy the benefits brought about by technology.

At the core of HiCampus lies Huawei's Horizon Digital Platform, which enables intelligent campus services. It supports baseline applications — including an intelligent operations center, integrated security management, intelligent access control, asset management, facility management, energy efficiency management, and environmental and space management — in “1 + 6” scenarios, as well as customized applications. The platform improves user service experience and helps enterprises achieve innovative development through digital transformation.