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Huawei Released the Enterprise-Class ES3000 V5 SSD

Jun 19, 2018

[Tokyo, Japan, June 19, 2018] At Interop Tokyo 2018, Huawei released the enterprise solid state disk (SSD) series – ES3000 V5. Engineered with the latest 64-layer 3D TLC storage medium, the ES3000 V5 series supports intelligent multi-stream, atomic write, and smart operation and maintenance (O&M) features. Compared with its predecessor the V3 series, ES3000 V5 delivers significantly improved capacity, performance, and reliability, and continuously sets the standard for enterprise SSD performance.

Huawei's Zhao Chunhui and TMC's Atsushi Inoue shake hands during the release of the ES3000 V5 SSD

Zhao Chunhui (right), General Manager of the SSD Domain, Huawei Intelligent Computing Product Line, and Atsushi Inoue (left), Senior Manager of Memory Application Engineering Dept.2, Memory Division, TMC, released the Huawei ES3000 V5 SSD

An early mover in the PCIe SSD industry since 2005, Huawei has a 13-year deposit of experience with enterprise SSDs. Huawei has been constantly inspired by the notion of "Faster, Smarter, Simpler" and built the ES3000 V5 series around this mindset. Huawei storage components and solutions have enabled customers to better cope with the requirements of cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, and virtualization technologies as well as the demands arising from the rapid industry evolution.

  • Faster: Leading the enterprise SSD performance benchmark, Huawei has been alongside top-rate internet and public cloud customers as they make strides forward in respective business domains. With the ES3000 V5 release, Huawei reimagines SSD storage experience by enabling over 3.5 GB/s read bandwidth, nearly rivaling the performance limit of physical interfaces. ES3000 V5 brings a 50% leap in write performance to over 3.2 GB/s, and pushes random write IOPS beyond 300 K/s. In addition, from an application perspective, the V5 series improves product service life and performance both by over 30% in the MySQL scenario, and increases TPMC performance by 4x in the NoSQL database scenario. The powerful performance boost takes customer experience to new heights.
  • Smarter: Huawei has drawn upon its strength and advantages in the cloud, server, and storage systems, and baked more value-added features into the V5 products, including intelligent multi-stream, atomic write, and smart O&M features. The intelligent multi-stream technology in the Huawei all-flash array (AFA) product enables the system to deliver over 45% higher performance. In common service models, the intelligent multi-stream feature helps customers reap over 15% higher performance and over 20% longer service life on their SSD products. With the rapid expansion of data center scale and explosive increase of storage capacity, customers face increasing challenges in data center O&M. Huawei provides various smart O&M features, including NVMe hot plug, immediate firmware activation, and intelligent backend monitoring, to better support the O&M of customers.
  • Simpler: Customer applications are increasingly complex and more demanding on the rollout time. It therefore becomes a challenging job for customers to pick the suitable model out of a myriad of products from various vendors. The product also must work efficiently with the CPU, DRAM, NIC, HDD and other devices of the customers. Huawei has blended its professional experience and customer centricity into more and more application-oriented reference architectures, from components to solutions. These have translated into best-practice solutions for scenarios of top customer interest, including databases (such as MySQl and Oracle), software-defined storage (SDS, such as VSAN and Ceph), and cloud applications. Customers can now select the best-suited storage components and solutions with more ease according to their application scale and performance requirements.

Huawei's ES3000 enterprise SSDs have been selected by thousands of global customers across industries such as the Internet, telecom, finance, media and information, and manufacturing. Huawei builds intelligent product solutions with customer needs and high quality in mind, propelling enterprises fast-forward in their digital transformation journey.